Original Air Date: Thursday, March 16, 2023

This webinar features Jeanne Gray, RN, BS

In this session, we will examine the events of the 2020 pandemic and the gaps in care delivery that it exposed; exploring the lessons we learned from the past three years and identifying efficiencies that can allow your staff to become more proactive in the planning process and help you prevent, contain and manage infection outbreaks. Participants will learn how new technology can address the latest changes in regulatory language while also making their infection prevention tactics more efficient.


  1. Understand how the challenges of COVID-19 have created effective long-term changes
  2. Identify gaps that were exposed during the pandemic
  3. Examine the importance of flexibility and proactive data analysis to help prevent extensive damages
  4. Explore goal-setting best practices to minimize future outbreaks
  5. Apply learnings to create a proactive planning process

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NOTICE: The information contained in this presentation is intended to provide general information but not advice about certain regulations and initiatives. This is not intended as legal or other advice and each situation may vary depending on the particular facts and circumstances. You should not act upon this information without first consulting with qualified legal counsel.