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Webinar: Dietary Emergency Preparedness Concepts

The intent of this webinar is to educate, enlighten and encourage dietary management personnel in assessments, planning, and developing training and processes that will help them further prepare their staff members while enhancing quality and efficiency.

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4 Ways to Improve Dining for Memory Care Residents

We all know mealtimes are an opportunity to boost resident satisfaction and quality of life, but just because a person ages doesn’t mean they should enjoy mealtime any less. In addition to common physical limitations related to aging such as reduced dexterity, strength and declining visual acuity, memory care residents often have additional concerns to address.

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Efficient Cooking Equipment Affects More than the Kitchen

Creating pleasurable dining in Long Term Care for residents starts with having a kitchen that is both operationally efficient and well-equipped. Obviously, an efficient kitchen will not only help increase food safety and food quality, but equipment that can cook more food faster will also allow staff more time to engage with residents.

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