Tag: Fall Prevention

Webinar: Reducing Fall Risk in Older Adults

Join us to explore the latest evidence-based strategies to reduce fall risk, fresh ideas for building staffing competencies and capabilities, and environmental changes and resources to support a safer environment for residents and staff.

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Webinar: Balancing Resident Choice & Risks

Resident risk in healthcare is a very real concept. Aside from the most common occurrences, there is another type of “risk scenario” often found within institutional settings: the risk that comes from interventions intended to prevent all harm from all risks – even the risk of walking, eating and participating in activities that traditionally have been determined to be safe for seniors.

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Webinar: Bed System Safety

This session will offer attendees a review of the regulatory revisions, a refresher on the FDA Entrapment Guidelines, and a review of products that may help reduce or eliminate the need for side rails and reduce the risk for entrapment.

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Webinar: Reducing Fall Risk in Senior Living

The intent of this session is to provide resources and tools to Senior Living providers that support their staff’s and communities’ efforts in delivering safer care and services for residents at risk of falling.

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