While COVID-19 wreaked havoc on Senior Living facilities, it was not the only health and safety concern at the top of many Administrators’ minds. A host of risks face residents today and it is imperative to monitor, manage, and mitigate them to give residents the high level of care and protection they deserve. 

That’s why Direct Supply commissioned an independent survey in June of 2021. This survey of Senior Living Administrators details both major health and safety concerns for residents and where Administrators feel the most need to devote resources now and in the future. 

The survey is full of useful information for any Administrator looking for:

  • Better insight into industry health and safety trends 
  • Actionable ideas to combat these issues in their facility 

Download the survey now.

Survey basics

This survey was designed by Direct Supply and conducted independently. It was sent to 1,262 total respondents in mid-June of 2021. The respondents were grouped as follows:

  • Skilled Nursing Facility: 348 respondents (27.6%)
  • Assisted Living Facility: 502 respondents (39.8%)
  • Memory Care Facility: 222 respondents (17.6%)
  • Other (includes CCRC, Independent Living and other Senior Housing): 190 respondents (15.1%)

Our objectives

Our question set was developed with specific objectives in mind:

  • Provide benchmarks for Administrators
  • Reveal safety trends and drivers
  • Provide insight to suppliers to the industry.

The question set covered 6 basic topics:

  1. Resident Safety
  2. Concern Over OSHA and CMS Citations
  3. Air Quality: Perception and Practice
  4. Infection Prevention and Control
  5. PPE Policies and Procurement
  6. Screening and Education

What you will learn

  • Which area of senior living facilities is most neglected when it comes to infection control. 
  • What percentage of facilities say their PPE practices meet CDC conventional use standards.
  • Discrepancies in perception versus reality as pertains to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in Senior Living facilities.
  • Actionable steps you can take now to lower your safety risks and increase resident health.