Category: Maintenance

Unit Turnover Management in Senior Living

Current unit turnover processes make it difficult for Senior Living organizations to apply standards in data collection, evaluate spend decisions and identify cost-savings opportunities. Having effective technology and processes in place will help to make resident room and apartment turnovers efficient and cost-effective from start to finish.

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How to Recruit, Onboard and Retain Maintenance Staff

Learn how to recruit, onboard and retain maintenance staff in the Senior Living industry. Gather key information on data and tools relevant to hiring your new Maintenance Director and how communities nationwide are responding to staffing shortages and time constraints.

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Top 10 Infection Prevention Best Practices

From simple hand washing up to infection prevention technologies, explore our top 10 best practices for infection control and prevention. Follow these tips to create safer environments for residents, staff, and visitors.

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How to Extract Savings from Floor Maintenance

In today’s tough regulatory and reimbursement climate, floor maintenance and operations professionals are pressed to find savings amidst tight budgets. Discover a few easy floor maintenance tips to make staff more efficient and reduce your cost to clean.

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