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Finding New Ways of Infection Prevention and Control in Senior Living

The health and well-being of residents is always a primary focus for any Senior Living provider and limiting both infections and their spread is an ongoing challenge. Direct Supply’s Innovation & Technology Center recently discovered a new system on the market that’s making infection control easier and more cost effective for communities.

5 Key Considerations for Senior Living Landscaping

In addition, quality outdoor environments are strongly linked to important health-related measures and behaviors, such as reduced resident stress, improved mood and satisfaction, increased physical activity, and better health outcomes.

The Benefits of Transaction Automation

Just think about how many people have to touch a manually processed invoice and you might understand one of the main frustrations of Senior Living AP professionals everywhere.

How to Use Color in Senior Living

When it comes to selecting color palettes for Senior Living communities, the hues you choose can impact the feeling of the room, and in turn, how residents and staff feel about the space. Discover tips and tricks for using color in Senior Living.

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