Category: Safety

I’m Non-Compliant with California AB 2511; Now What?

The future of Senior Living is here! Join Innovation & Technology Senior Manager, Justin Smith, to gain valuable insights into the current and future impact of robotics in the industry. You’ll walk away with key knowledge to propel your community forward.

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Top 10 Infection Prevention Best Practices

From simple hand washing up to infection prevention technologies, explore our top 10 best practices for infection control and prevention. Follow these tips to create safer environments for residents, staff, and visitors.

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Far 222nm UV in Long Term Care: Shedding New Light on Infection Prevention

In this session, we will discuss the latest advances in ultraviolet germicidal irradiation and the best practices for maintaining pathogen-free environments. We will do a deep dive into Far 222nm UV, a new, leading-edge technology that constantly creates clean air and surfaces without being harmful to humans or requiring staff time or labor.

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Effective Management of Infections: Innovative Technology to Help You Control, Track and Prevent the Spread of Infection

In this session, we will examine the events of the 2020 pandemic and the gaps in care delivery that it exposed; exploring the lessons we learned from the past three years and identifying efficiencies that can allow your staff to become more proactive in the planning process and help you prevent, contain and manage infection outbreaks. Participants will learn how new technology can address the latest changes in regulatory language while also making their infection prevention tactics more efficient.

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