Original Air Date: Wednesday, June 14, 2023
This webinar features Kevin Bergmann, President – Homelike Solutions

Over the past few years, Infection Prevention has taken the lead in the forefront of concerns for Senior Living facilities, as residents are often more vulnerable to dangerous pathogens due to their age and underlying health conditions. As a senior living operator, it is critical to stay up to date and utilize the latest infection prevention technologies to create safe environments for their residents and staff. In this session, we will discuss the latest advances in ultraviolet germicidal irradiation and the best practices for maintaining pathogen-free environments. We will do a deep dive into Far 222nm UV, a new, leading-edge technology that constantly creates clean air and surfaces without being harmful to humans or requiring staff time or labor.


  1. Understanding how UV eliminates dangerous pathogens in the air and on surfaces
  2. Overview of the latest UV Disinfection Technologies and how they can create a world class IP Program without using staff time
  3. How to create virus, bacteria, and spore-free environments for your residents and staff Strategies to deploy Far 222nm UV in a long term care setting

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