Original Air Date: March 26, 2024
Featured speakers: Brody Coates and John Sharpe
This webinar is designed to equip owners, operators & key decision-makers with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully plan, scope and manage alternate sources of power projects in Skilled Nursing Facilities, specifically to ensure compliance with California’s latest regulations. The session will cover key aspects such as regulatory requirements, project planning and ongoing management strategies. In addition, attendees will learn how to evaluate the needs of their unique community, define requirements for their specific project teams and identify partners with solutions applicable to their needs.

Webinar Learning Objectives:

  • Applying AB 2511 to your community: Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of this newly enforced law, and the implications towards emergency power system design(s) and equipment.
  • Drive Project Planning: Attendees will learn how to create robust project plans tailored to their facility’s needs, considering factors such as budget constraints, technical specifications, and timelines for implementation.
  • Execute Project Success: The session will provide insights into best practices for alternate power project management as well as share examples of what NOT to do, learned from Florida (2017) and Louisiana (2022) regulatory events. Specifically, we’ll discuss project constraints and how to best manage communication around regulatory oversight, and avoiding unnecessary corrective action.

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NOTICE: The information contained in this presentation is intended to provide general information but not advice about certain regulations and initiatives. This is not intended as legal or other advice and each situation may vary depending on the particular facts and circumstances. You should not act upon this information without first consulting with qualified legal counsel.