The HVAC industry is currently facing significant changes with the introduction of new refrigerant mandates. These regulations that are in place today are just starting to roll into the market.

 If you want to check whether or not your HVAC system is compliant with the new refrigerant mandates, we recommend doing a refrigerant assessment.

Take a look at your equipment, look at your nametags, do an assesment on what refrigerant is in your system, how much refrigerant is in your system and log it. 

When you call Direct Supply® and you’re looking for a service call, please note to us which refrigerant your HVAC system has and an estimate of how much you have. What that will do is help tailor our technician when they come out to make sure they have the right things. 

A prime example of this is a technician who has been doing service on residential and commercial units for 20 years has been exposed to all types of refrigerants. From R-22, 410-A, to all the refrigerants of today. They may see anywhere between 8-12 refrigerants on any given day, yet they can’t haul them all on their truck due to D.O.T. mandates and NFPA flammability mandates. 


In order to save you headaches, save us headaches, and serve you well, it helps to have that information in your hands when you place a service request.