Some of the benefits of working with Direct Supply® on capital expenditures is that it’s not a pressure filled job. We’re working with you to help you get what you need under serious conditions that we understand.

For me, for instance, I’ve worked in the field for the last 20 something years, so I can work with you any which way you want to. I will help you get the job done because I know how difficult that job is.

Some of the things we can do, because we have buying power, is to get items at a cheaper cost. We are able to talk to the vendors and help them to better suit you.

You also get free quotes, which in today’s market, it’s hard to get anybody to come out to your building, let alone give a free quote.

We have that ability to get you free quotes on your capital expenditures. It’s a great tool that didn’t used to be a big deal, but it’s now a big deal today.