The first step is to review your CapEx list and ask, what are you really seriously considering replacing?

What is the wish list? What is the reality list? What do you need our help with? What do you need pricing for? What do you want to really plan for? What is your goal for your facility?

Whether it’s for the long-term or short-term, you have to prioritize those goals. Ultimately, you want to take care of the residents and the staff who take care of those residents.

Whether it’s keeping them dry, keeping them warm, keeping them cool, keeping them comfortable, and keeping them safe.

 TELS® District Manager Perry Overholser recalls an experience where proper prioritization would have made a major difference. 

 “We would do million dollar remodels with paint, sheet rock, acoustic ceilings, acoustic tiles, furniture, flooring and all that good stuff,” he said.

“The roof was leaking like a sieve. We really should have fixed the roof first. We came in a year, year and a half later, and you couldn’t see all the improvements we had done from all the water damage from not fixing the roof first.”

He added, “when it comes to that kind of stuff, you need to prioritize and think about what your long-term goals are for that building.”