Doing startup on your HVAC system in the spring allows you to capitalize on mild temperatures before the onset of intense summer heat. If you do your spring HVAC check-up before then, you’re going to get better results for your building.

You’re going to make sure you check those boxes on evaluating whether your unit is operating at prime levels. By identifying and fixing issues proactively, you can extend the life cycle of your HVAC system, ultimately helping you save on costs. This timing not only ensures better performance but also helps extend the lifespan of your system. 

Unfortunately, systems tend to go down at the most inopportune time. Say it goes down at 5:00 PM Friday on a pre-holiday weekend, you’re going to triple your cost to get your system fixed and operational for your residents.  

It also helps ensure the comfort and satisfaction of your residents, avoiding inconveniences when families may be visiting during the holiday weekend.  

It’s no secret building maintenance staff wear a lot of hats. They do a lot of different things in a building and trying to prioritize that time to get everything done is critical, especially life safety related work like heating and cooling. 

Doing HVAC startup in the spring gives you the opportunity to schedule that work, allow time for it, and help ensure you get all the necessary boxes checked. 

When you know your system is operating efficiently, you have the peace of mind knowing it’s ready when hot weather rolls in.