Original Air Date: February 20, 2024

The 2024 DSSI Forum marked a significant milestone in the journey of Direct Supply® DSSI, bringing together leaders, innovators, and stakeholders from across the Senior Living and healthcare industries. This year’s Forum was rich with insights, announcements, and strategic discussions aimed at shaping the future of healthcare procurement and supply chain management. Here’s a comprehensive recap of the key takeaways from the event.

Embracing Growth and Innovation

A Year of Expansion

Bryan Rolfs opened the Forum with a look back at the remarkable growth of Direct Supply DSSI in 2023. The addition of 40 new providers and over 20 suppliers to DSSI  underscores our unwavering commitment to enhancing service delivery and industry support.

The Future with Generative AI

Andy Novotny, Vice President of Product Management, focused a spotlight on the transformative potential of Generative AI in Senior Living and healthcare. Recognizing the value of customer input, our team plans to launch customer input groups to ensure all product enhancements  address our customer’s biggest challenges. Looking to get involved? Connect with your DSSI Customer Success Manager (CSMs) for a chance to influence future developments.

Product Innovations and Enhancements

Mastering Efficiency and Control

Britt Zimmer’s session on OGM® 3 and Budget Control highlighted some of the platform’s latest enhancements. Notably, the introduction of off-order guide functionality promises to bring new efficiencies to customers, reinforcing our commitment to continuous improvement.

ContractWatch and DSSI Capture with OCR Technology

Ryan Winkler introduced ContractWatch. This tool, coupled with DSSI Capture’s OCR technology, is set to revolutionize contract management and renewal reminders, slated for a broader rollout later in the year.

Strategic Insights and Future Directions

Navigating the Political Landscape

Brian Perry, Vice President of Governmental Affairs, provided an invaluable perspective on the political environment affecting the Senior Living and healthcare sectors in 2024. He discussed how the 2024 presidential election will impact caregiving organizations and how it is likely that legislation will be proposed to further regulate Assisted Living and REIT organizations. 

A Glimpse into the Future: DSSI.ai

Bob Hillis, Direct Supply Founder and CEO unveiled the future of the DSSI solution, DSSI.ai. This announcement set the stage for a new era of automated procurement and real-time decision-making. With features like SmartOrder, Auto Approvals, and Real-Time Profit Maximization, DSSI.ai is positioned to redefine efficiency in healthcare procurement.

A Look Ahead

Joel Treffert, Executive Vice President, concluded the event with remarks encapsulating the spirit of the DSSI Forum—gratitude for the past, excitement for the present and optimism for the future. His message underscored the dedication of our team to the Senior Living and healthcare industries now and for years to come.