Healthcare procurement is one of the most challenging—and costly—endeavors. At Direct Supply®, we recognize the balance healthcare providers must maintain between the essential functions of procurement and a commitment to delivering the highest quality care to patients and residents. This is where our approach, centered around the Direct Supply® DSSIplatform, comes in. DSSI  empowers providers to adopt strategic purchasing behaviors, seamlessly integrating technology with expert consulting to revolutionize their procurement processes.

Unveiling Strategic Healthcare Purchasing


The Essence of Strategic Healthcare Purchasing

Strategic purchasing is not just about buying smarter; it’s about aligning procurement processes with overarching organizational goals to drive efficiency, consistency and ultimately achieve business goals. It’s a holistic approach that looks beyond the transactional aspects of procurement to leverage it as a strategic asset.

In the healthcare sector, where procurement is nuanced and complex, the task requires more than just an internal team managing day-to-day purchasing tasks. This is where the Direct Supply DSSI Procurement Services comes into play. Our expert team collaborates with senior living and healthcare procurement teams to implement strategic purchasing methodologies, transforming procurement from a cost center to a strategic asset.

The DSSI Platform and Strategic Procurement Services


Leveraging Data and AI for Superior Purchasing Outcomes

No other healthcare procurement platform compares to DSSI. We leverage extensive industry data and advanced artificial intelligence to generate actionable insights that enhance staff satisfaction, resident welfare, and the bottom line. Our technology, combined with our strategic consulting, offers a comprehensive solution unmatched by any competitor.

Realizing Cost Savings and Ensuring Compliance

Doug Pickett, Direct Supply Vice President of Procurement Services, encapsulates our approach: 

“Everyone works hard to control spending. But we’ve developed ways to make spending a strategic advantage for our clients.”

Through innovative technology, AI-enhanced order guide optimization, and powerful analytics, we’re driving significant savings and operational enhancements. With over 120 corporations already benefiting from DSPS and achieving upwards of $31MM in savings last year, the impact of our automated contract compliance and data-driven decisions is clear. This strategy simplifies compliance while guaranteeing the best outcomes for our clients, free of supplier biases.

Strategic Procurement Services in Action


Customized Hosted Catalogs for Efficiency

Our expertise in creating tailored, hosted procurement catalogs simplifies the procurement process by offering a unified, efficient interface for supplier and product options. This streamlined approach offers our clients control and simplicity, a stark contrast to the cumbersome nature of punch-out catalogs.

The DSSI Difference in Healthcare Procurement


As Doug Pickett puts it, the strength of Direct Supply DSSI lies in the ability to become an extension of client teams. Through expert consulting, strategic use of technology, and a focus on change management, we empower senior living and healthcare providers to focus on what matters most—caring for their patients and residents—while we handle the complexities of procurement.

By embracing the DSSI solution, healthcare providers can transcend traditional procurement challenges, leveraging our technology and consulting expertise to achieve strategic purchasing excellence that drives organizational success.

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