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Sherita Alston

Sherita Alston
Customer Success Manager


As healthcare providers continue to face financial and operational challenges, effectively managing order guides efficiently is more crucial than ever. 

To empower our customers in navigating these complexities, Direct Supply® DSSI™ has enhanced its capabilities with the introduction of the Off Order Guide Purchasing Volume Report. This innovative tool, accessible through the DSSI Data Center, offers in-depth insights into purchases made outside preferred, contracted programs, addressing a critical need in today’s procurement processes.

Key Healthcare Procurement Advantages of the Off-Order Guide Purchasing Report


  1. Enhanced Visibility into Off Guide Spending

The Off Order Guide Purchasing Volume Report simplifies the complexity of tracking non-contracted purchases. Providing a regular review of off-guide products, this report shines a light on the price, volume, and availability of these items. This visibility is pivotal, as off-guide purchases are typically 12% more costly than their on-guide counterparts. Regular access to this data enables procurement teams to uncover cost-saving opportunities, ensuring that purchasing decisions are strategic and economical.


  1. Data-driven supplier Negotiations and Comparisons

Armed with the most recent data from the report, procurement professionals can confidently enter supplier negotiations. This advantage facilitates the acquisition of more favorable terms and helps in comparing offerings across suppliers with precision. The ability to make well-informed decisions based on up-to-date information translates into significant cost efficiencies and enhanced supply chain management.


  1. Strategic Planning through Market Knowledge Enhancement

The consistent delivery of the Off Order Guide Purchasing Report equips teams with the market knowledge necessary for informed strategic planning. Staying abreast of market trends, pricing fluctuations, and new product introductions can dramatically influence procurement strategies, leading to substantial cost savings and more effective budget management.

Leveraging The DSSI Platform for Optimal Contract and Off Order Guide Management


The Off Order Guide Purchasing Volume Report is more than just a tool for tracking spending. It’s a strategic asset for contract management and compliance, offering valuable data that can be utilized to negotiate contracts effectively, compare supplies accurately, and ensure optimal purchasing decisions are made.

Let’s Get Started


For healthcare providers looking to refine their procurement strategies and mitigate the challenges of off-contract purchases, the Direct Supply DSSI Off Order Guide Purchasing Report is an indispensable resource. We encourage our users to schedule quarterly reviews of their off order guide spending, with the flexibility to automate report delivery according to their specific needs or preferred timelines.


Reach out to a DSSI team member to learn how to take advantage of this report and an entire database of actionable procurement tools to enhance your procurement process’s efficiency and strategic impact.