The procurement process for any healthcare organization can be challenging. Procurement experts have to manage a daily balance between costing savings, centralization, quality control, and patient healthcare.

At Direct Supply® DSSI™, we provide tailored spend management solutions to improve efficiency, ensure contract compliance, and save money. Our team utilizes advanced technology and a centralized approach to analyze the procurement process in detail. Our solutions result in a highly streamlined and efficient experience.

With Our Powers Combined: Navigating Procurement Challenges

Our team of healthcare procurement experts unlock numerous benefits for organizations. We work alongside your in-house procurement department to maximize cost savings while maintaining high-level patient and resident care. 

Throughout our 25+ years of experience, we have identified some best procurement practices. Here are our Top Four Ways to Enhance Your Organization’s Healthcare Procurement Process:

  1. Complete Order Guide management: Ensure your entire organization maximizes contract compliance and streamlines procurement operations. This is key to maintaining a smooth structure that helps procurement teams stay organized and save money.
  2. In-depth analysis and outlier identification: Conduct thorough spend analysis of your purchasing patterns. Identifying outliers that may be affecting your communities’ PPD can help drive cost savings and inform your procurement strategy.
  3. Constant monitoring of contracted pricing: Monitor and verify contracted pricing to ensure accuracy and up-to-date data. Your team will be saving the most time and money in purchasing, menuing, etc.
  4. Roadmap for operational efficiency: Create a roadmap to guide your organization. You will be operating more effectively and efficiently, and it helps you stay on top of organizational shifts.

How to Enhance the Procurement Process Using DSSI

Spoiler alert – the spend management consulting solution of Direct Supply® DSSI Procurement Services provides help in all of the above areas!

To enhance your healthcare procurement process using DSSI, focus on two crucial factors: 

  1. Supplier Contract Management and Compliance
  2. Centralization of Procurement Processes

It is vital for all organizations to ensure compliance with supplier contracts and ordering practices across all facilities. By centralizing procurement operations and leveraging DSSI expertise, you can achieve significant improvements in efficiency, cost-effectiveness and other key performance indicators.

Cost Savings and Efficiency Improvements in the Procurement Process

At Direct Supply DSSI, we support healthcare organizations in achieving strategic purchasing, cutting costs and efficiency improvements in their procurement process. Our in-depth spend analysis reveals categorical outliers, highlighting items, locations and habits that impact your spend. Based on these insights, we provide detailed, actionable procurement recommendations that your organization can implement to drive cost savings. 

By implementing these recommendations, your organization can streamline your purchasing process and eliminate unnecessary expenses. This not only leads to cost savings but also improves overall efficiency. Additionally, periodic product category optimizations ensure you are buying the right products at the right time and price.

With the DSSI expertise in strategic sourcing, your organization can identify categorical outliers that may be driving up costs. These outliers could be specific items that are being over-purchased. Other issue points include practices and locations that are purchasing goods or services from non-optimized suppliers.

Our consulting partners will provide expert advice on how to manage complex supply chain management issues. Our spend management solution helps organizations navigate complex supply chain management issues. The DSSI platform helps reduce waste with our Shelves and List functionality and speeds up approval of purchase requests. Our consulting team provides valuable insight into product formularies and how to best take advantage of contracts,

By addressing these issues, your organization can make better informed decisions and adjust your ordering practices accordingly. Our procurement solutions offer the opportunity for reduced costs for products and services. Alongside cost savings, our procurement support will allow you to focus on your own expertise: improving your business operations.

Strategies and Best Practices for Driving Contract Compliance with DSSI

Compliance is a critical aspect of successful procurement operations with Direct Supply DSSI. It is essential to ensure compliance with contract suppliers. Here are a few ways to support your compliance goals:

  1. Collaborate with your DSSI procurement professionals to identify and build product formulas. With your strategic supplier relationships in mind, design a thoughtful plan for your business. 
  2. Ensure the consistent usage of our DSSI Capture tool throughout your organization. This tool collects “Off System” spend information to increase full spend visibility.
  3. Establish effective communication between your organization and the DSSI team to maximize the benefits of our collaboration.

The Role of Technology in Healthcare Procurement

Technology plays a pivotal role in enhancing the healthcare procurement process, especially when utilizing DSSI. Our proprietary technology tools are powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. They enable us to analyze vast amounts of healthcare procurement data faster than humanly possible. 

This capability allows us to identify spending trends, outliers and new opportunities. These may have previously gone unnoticed and we can bring them to your team to review.

 By leveraging our AI driven procurement technology, we can provide you with unparalleled insights and strategies. In the short term, many time consuming or repetitive tasks can be removed entirely from your procurement activity.

Measuring Success and Impact of Procurement Processes

Effective measurement of the success and impact of procurement process enhancements is vital. The spend management program of DSSI provides measurable success metrics in the following ways:

  1. Quarterly Business Reviews, which highlight the exact savings and cost avoidance achieved through our analysis. These reviews offer tangible evidence of the positive outcomes resulting from the use of the consulting services of DSSI.
  2. Access to real-time budget tracking in the renowned DSSI platform. This allows organizations to see how individual locations are performing in their purchasing cost goals on a frequent basis.
  3. Reporting tools that teams can use to create their own visuals. Teams can dig deeper into their procurement data at an organizational or location level.

Collaboration and Relationship Management with Suppliers

We place a strong emphasis on collaboration and relationship management with suppliers in the healthcare procurement ecosystem. We work closely with suppliers across all facets of your procurement process. 

The DSSI consulting team takes the extra step and actively monitors your pricing. We can step in when the price of specific products doesn’t match the contracted rate in the platform. This client-facing focus ensures that we consistently offer the best purchasing experience. Our approach saves time for the supplier and provider.

Direct Supply DSSI: Leveraging Procurement Cost Savings Across Organizations

Healthcare organizations can greatly enhance their procurement process by leveraging the expertise and resources offered by DSSI. By focusing on compliance, centralization, and utilizing cutting-edge technology, organizations can achieve significant cost savings, improved efficiency, and tailored strategies for success.

Take the first step towards streamlined procurement and improved financial outcomes. Learn more about what sets DSSI apart, and request a personalized strategy for your healthcare organization today. Your procurement process and spend management transformation starts here!

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