Truly, you don’t really prepare a fire system for any time of year. It’s supposed to be prepared at all times. There are certain things we look at in the fall, in the winter.

One of those items, obviously, is temperature in attic spaces. If you have a wet system, not such a big deal. If you have a dry system, you do need to maintain around 40 degrees.

Even with a dry system, especially if there’s any type of condensation buildup. So the biggest part of the fall and probably cold preparation is making sure auxiliary drains are free of condensation and that we don’t have any issues as far as freeze ups and breaks
during the cold weather.

The truth is, is that you really do need to know how much condensation your system builds. In some cases, there are buildings with issues with pitch and condensation.

Have the maintenance teams check the drains daily or at least weekly.

Certain systems are designed better than others. Older systems sometimes don’t perform as well. One of the important things is, especially with cold weather and preparing, is making sure that the drains are clear, there’s no condensation and you keep doing it until they’re empty.