The Aim Act is a continuation of our refrigerant phase out in the United States. We started back in 1988 signing the Montreal Protocol, which was a 30 year program. The Montreal Protocol has run out.

We’ve now established the Aim Act and the Aim Act will carry us through the year 2036 creating a reduction in refrigerant that we use today by 85%. We will see new refrigerants coming onto the market. Older refrigerants will be phased out and refrigerants in the interim will be harder and harder, and more costly to get.

On top of the airflow mandates and ventilation mandates, there is a new boiler mandate that’s live as of January 10, 2023. That mandate in simple terms stipulates if you have boilers at your facility that are over 300,000 BTUs and below a specific efficiency, at most times that means 85 to 87% is a standard efficient boiler. Those boilers, if they’re over 300,000 BTUs they’re no longer allowed, you will have to update your boiler to a better efficiency boiler.

Higher efficiencies also mean different chimneys and stack configurations. Class B chimneys and masonry chimneys will no longer be allowed. Those changes are already in effect and each one of your mechanical contractors will be following that mandate.