The best thing to do when you’re managing your limited time, which pretty much that’s what everybody has these days, is to work on your most important tasks in the morning that you can focus on. You’re typically going to get pulled in different directions throughout the day, but focus on the ones that you’ve got to get done that day and utilize whatever app you’ve got.

TELS is the one we obviously recommend to prioritize your tasks that you’ve got to get done that day, and then all the little stuff can fall into the places where you’ve got a few minutes to spare.

The work order system using asset tagging will help free up time because you don’t have to try to determine what’s been done to that piece of equipment over the years. How old it is by looking for an invoice. You could spend an hour just trying to track an invoice down. 

When you have asset tagging and that piece of equipment is tagged, you can simply walk up to it, scan the QR code with your phone, and it’ll instantly give you everything that that you need to know about that piece of equipment, including what work’s been done to it, what work you may have done to it, and what the recommendation is for replacement.