Selecting and purchasing reliable healthcare appliances that will work well for your healthcare facility can be a real challenge. Appliances are likely not part of your everyday purchases or existing product formulary. Between the wealth of options, spectrum of features and today’s supply chain challenges, it can be a difficult purchase to navigate. In this post, we’ll break down the options available, what features you can expect, and what logistics and installation services you can tap into to make delivery day a breeze.

Healthcare Appliance Purchasing Guide

Step 1: Select the right brand for each space

Different appliance brands specialize in various products and feature sets that make them better suited for some applications and rooms over others. Parsing through all the options can be time consuming. That’s why our healthcare product experts curated popular and reliable items for you below.

Residential Appliances

Choose residential appliances for spaces that serve a smaller subset of staff or patients, like breakrooms, satellite kitchens, inpatient rehabilitation and other areas. Here are our recommendations for leading brands offering a full spectrum of appliance types, including refrigerators, ranges, range hoods, dishwashers, washers and dryers, and microwaves.

GE Logo
Summit logo
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Product Spotlight: GE Residential Appliances

These reliable residential options from GE are top picks by our product experts and customers alike – and backed by a leading brand in home appliances and beyond.

GE Residential Washer/Dryer Combo
GE Residential Refrigerator
GE Residential Refrigerator Inside

Commercial Laundry Rooms

Laundry demands are never-ending in healthcare facilities. Commercial laundry equipment is designed to endure high usage rates, drive efficiencies with larger capacities and provide enhanced overall durability to stand up to the unique care needs of your patient population.

UniMac logo

Product Spotlight: Speed Queen by Unimac

Rated #1 in Appliance Brand Reliability by Consumer Reports June 2022.

UniMac Light-Commercial Top-Load Washer
UniMac Electric Light-Commercial Dryer
UniMac Speed Queen Light-Commercial Front-Load Washer

Medical-Grade Appliances

Speciality appliances include full-size refrigerators, freezers, beverage refrigerators, medical refrigerators and more.

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Product Spotlight: Accucold Refrigeration

Designed specifically for medical and pharmacy applications, Accucold Refrigerators offer high-performance features to help ensure consistent cooling, including advanced temperature control, alarms for safer monitoring and a narrow +/-1℃ Temp.

Accucold Vaccine Refrigerator
Accucold Pharmaceutical Refrigerator
Accucold Compact Vaccine Refrigerator

Small Space Appliances

When you’re short on space, explore our selection of combination appliances, compact refrigerators, countertop appliances and more. These types of appliances are perfect for break rooms, offices, locker rooms, extended-stay patient rooms and anywhere else where space is at a premium.

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Step 2: Choose from Delivery & Installation Services

Now that you’ve selected your appliances, it’s important to think through the logistics of getting these appliances into your facility and installed correctly. Especially when it comes to large appliances, complex installations or multi-equipment orders, leveraging delivery and installation services can save you and your staff time and money.

Direct Supply offers a spectrum of delivery and installation services to align with the healthcare appliances you ordered and the unique needs of your facility.

Delivery Truck Icon

Basic Delivery

Included with your purchase, this option gets your products dropped off to a single location of your choosing.

Installation Icon

Turnkey Installation

Rely on a professional team to ensure your appliances are set in place and properly installed, while minimizing disruption to your staff and patients. This service includes removal and disposal of all the packaging.

Room Delivery Icon

Room Delivery

Choose this option for in-patient settings where you wish to have items delivered directly to patient rooms and left in the packaging.

Unboxing Icon

Room Delivery & Uncrating

Get healthcare appliances delivered to the patient’s room, uncrated and set in place. Our installers will inspect items and work proactively with the manufacturers if there’s a problem. This service includes removal and disposal of all the packaging.

Appliance Disposal Icon

Appliance Disposal

Eliminate the hassle of dealing with old appliances. Our team will disconnect old appliances and safely move them to a different area of your facility, or we can haul them away and responsibly dispose of them.

Ready to get started on your appliance purchases?

Purchasing appliances for healthcare facilities can be complicated, but you don’t need to do it alone! Save time and money when you partner with Direct Supply’s procurement and logistics experts.

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