In an era where “Help Wanted” signs seem as common as doorbells, Senior Living facilities face a conundrum. How do communities fill staffing gaps without the endless cycle of hiring?

The answer lies not in the classifieds but in senior care technology and innovation. Robots can fill hiring gaps and consistently deliver return on investment, particularly when you have several short shifts that need to be filled each day. It’s time to consider a new kind of team member to alleviate Senior Living staffing shortages and turnover. Meet your next server: a robot named Servi. Servi works alongside servers to deliver a restaurant-style dining experience, delivering food to the dining room and returning dishware to the kitchen.

Each robot can fill hiring gaps for approximately 1.5 FTE servers and reduce annual labor costs.* Servi provides a reliable dining experience, improves staff and resident engagement, and boosts community marketability.  Servers carry less heavy trays and have more time to engage with residents instead of running to and from the kitchen. Residents love Servi too, often naming the robot and smiling as it passes by their table.

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How Food Robots Can Transform Senior Living Foodservice

Imagine being seated in a Senior Living dining room and your server delivering a plate of food from a foodservice robot. This isn’t science fiction; it’s Senior Living’s latest technology solution to combat staffing shortages and turnover. Servi doesn’t call in sick, and Servi doesn’t get tired. From food delivery to bussing, these tireless team members are here to revolutionize dining services.

Foodservice robots, including food delivery robots and food running robots, are gaining traction in Senior Living facilities, performing tasks that are repetitive, predictable, and time-consuming – at a fifth of the cost of hiring.

Servi Plus food robot animation.

Key Benefits of Adopting Foodservice Robotics

The use of foodservice robots in Senior Living dining brings several advantages:

  • Places people where they give the most value, with patients or residents
  • Provides a reliable, consistent dining experience 
  • Reduces or eliminates human time spent lifting and carrying, running back and forth with food, supplies, or dishes.
  • Reduces the need to train new staff members
  • Reduces cost of overtime pay when short-staffed
  • Leads to hiring and labor cost savings

Benefits for Operators:

  • Increases staff productivity: staff can focus on residents and providing quality service instead of walking back and forth to the kitchen
  • Increases efficiency: Servi works all day, every day, seven days a week

Benefits for Staff:

  • Requires less running and lifting: no more redundant trips to the kitchen, no more heavy trays
  • Lets staff spend more time with residents

Benefits for Residents:

  • Fresher food: the kitchen sends food as soon as it is ready, not after it’s been waiting under a heat lamp
  • Receive better service: wait staff stays in the dining area, ready to help residents
Servi food robot running food for Senior Living foodservice
Food robot Servi bussing tables with an assisted living worker to improve Senior Living Dining

Will Robots Replace Humans in Senior Living Foodservice?

Integrating robots in Senior Living isn’t about replacing human jobs. Instead, they are designed to enhance service delivery and address challenges with labor shortages, missed shifts, and frequent turnover. Robots work alongside the server team to deliver a reliable, consistent dining experience.

How Can Senior Care Robots Improve Resident Engagement?

Foodservice robots, like Servi Plus, have transformed routine activities into sources of joy and resident engagement. From naming contests to delivering custom messages, like “Happy Birthday,” these robots create memorable moments for residents. Such engagement initiatives personalize this technology and foster a stronger community spirit, elevating the dining experience. By taking over routine tasks, robots enable staff to dedicate more time to meaningful interactions with residents.

Hiring a Foodservice Robot: Servi to Improve Senior Living Dining 

Direct Supply’s Innovation and Technology Center (ITC) is focused on finding innovative Senior Care solutions that will help our customers. Our team selected Servi Plus from Bear Robotics not only for the strength of its technology with many benefits but also for its ease of implementation and level of service and support.  Bear Robotics provides free onsite startup support, plus ongoing technical support 24/7 to keep robots running. Direct Supply® is committed to applying technology to solve Senior Living’s biggest challenges and providing outrageous customer service to our customers.

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*Labor cost savings vary depending on your staffing needs, labor rates, and length of lease. Assumes existing wi-fi connection.  Shipping and deployment costs not included in calculation. Contact us to calculate potential savings for your unique community.