San Jose, California

Facility Type:

Mental Health Rehabilitation Center, Psychiatric Health Facility

Facility Size:

100 beds

Areas Enhanced:

Common Area, Conference Room, Reception, Seating Area, Breakroom

Services Provided:

Procurement, Delivery, Installation

Products Installed:

Office & Stationery Chairs, Gliders, Rockers, Tables, Desks, Storage Cabinets, Window Treatments, Platform Beds, Wardrobes


Direct Supply® has demonstrated exceptional procurement capabilities in the behavioral health sector. These capabilities were used to support the enhancement of environments at Crestwood Behavioral Health, a 100-bed Mental Health Rehabilitation Center and Psychiatric Health Facility located in San Jose, California.


Crestwood San Jose faced challenges with dated aesthetics, mismatched furniture and general wear-and-tear that affected functionality and ambiance of their space and did not align with the organization’s trauma informed and homelike environments. Crestwood sought to revitalize its space to promote a healing environment and improve quality of care.


Streamlined Procurement Process

Direct Supply implemented a streamlined procurement process that covered everything from product selection to the final installation touches, including debris removal. The process was designed to ensure that every detail was meticulously managed, aligning with the facility’s needs and budget constraints.

Revitalizing to Follow Trauma Informed Design

Crestwood has been revitalizing their facilities to follow trauma informed design. This involved creating homelike and healing environments. Laura Valdivia (Crestwood, Project Manager), selected Direct Supply as a partner to achieve their vision. Our team was able to help her find the right durable, commercial-grade furniture in soothing hues that would help Crestwood achieve their vision. This partnership resulted in a refreshed space that is conducive to healing and care, leveraging the practices of trauma informed design. 



healthcare procurement solutions
healthcare procurement solutions

Aesthetic and Functional Upgrades

The upgrade included aesthetic and functional enhancements to various areas within the facility:

  • Revitalizing Office Spaces: Reconfigured workstations and selected contemporary FF&E to improve efficiency and aesthetics.
  • Crafting a Tranquil Oasis in the Common Area: Introduced soft, plush seating and warm hues to create a comforting and inviting space.
  • Enhancing the Training & Conference Room: Designed this space with adaptive furniture and intentional space planning to facilitate both training sessions and client programming.



Healthcare Procurement Solutions 2
Healthcare Procurement Solutions 2


  • Enhanced Patient Experience: The renovation efforts led to the creation of a homelike, healing environment that significantly improves the patient experience.
  • Improved Staff Efficiency: The reconfiguration of workspaces enabled staff to perform administrative tasks more effectively, allowing them to dedicate more time to patient care.
  • Strengthened Partnership: Crestwood’s continued reliance on Direct Supply for their procurement needs underscores the strength of their partnership and the trust in Direct Supply’s ability to deliver.

Overall, the Crestwood team was very happy with the outcome that will benefit their patients for years.

“They’re [Direct Supply] one of the first vendors we go to for products. We try to use Direct Supply for everything because we have that partnership, and we trust them,” said Laura Valdivia, Crestwood’s Project Manager “Even when things don’t go 100% to plan on a project, we can rely on them to get things straightened out. The support team Direct Supply offers makes a difference.”
Crestwood Representative



Healthcare Procurement Solutions 3
Healthcare Procurement Solutions 3


Direct Supply’s intentional procurement solutions have significantly elevated the care environment at Crestwood, illustrating the profound impact of thoughtful and comprehensive procurement practices in healthcare settings. The partnership between Crestwood and Direct Supply continues to thrive, bringing hope and healing to the facility’s patients and staff.

“From helping to provide product options to mailing samples, it’s been an honor to help Crestwood through their product choices, quoting & installation of projects. My favorite part is witnessing the transformation we can bring to these environments.”
Derrick Wietor

Development Consultant, Direct Supply

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