This webinar features Yorick Wijting, PT, DPT – Clinical Consultant and Kelly Sullivan, Senior Product Consultant with Direct Supply.

The use of surface electromyography, or sEMG, is not new to rehabilitation. However, it has not yet seen the widespread adoption as some other modalities have. This is changing as a result of improving technology and an ever-increasing demand for objective data. sEMG provides two powerful and unique benefits to residents and healthcare providers:

  • Allows for a visualization of muscle effort, or biofeedback, which helps motivate residents to increase volitional effort
  • Provides objective numerical data about the effort, allowing providers to quantify resident progress objectively and reliably

This webinar will review the background of the modality, while sharing the science behind it and reviewing available technology. A case will be made for the adoption of this modality in the standard arsenal of rehabilitation tools available to professionals in Long Term Care.

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