2021 Senior Housing Survey Results & Analysis

The 2021 Senior Housing Survey was conducted to gather perceptions from both Seniors and Adult Family Caregivers. The results provide insights for the Senior Living industry and for those developing innovative solutions to meet the needs of prospective residents. Download the white paper.

What are Seniors and Adult Family Caregivers expecting from the Senior Housing industry going forward?

  1. An increasing number of Seniors see Senior Housing as a way to maintain their independence.
  2. Healthcare and Senior Housing are inextricably linked – providing a safe environment and support that may not be available in a completely independent setting.
  3. Seniors and Adult Family Caregivers find value in technology because of the healthcare benefits it can provide.

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The year-over-year changes reflected in the results of the 2021 survey provide new insights into the living situations and priorities of Seniors and their Adult Family Caregivers. It may be surprising that the continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic in the time between the 2020 and 2021 surveys has had a more positive impact on perceptions of Senior Housing than we thought possible following the devastating early months of the COVID-19 crisis. In the 2021 survey, we found the following themes:

  • Increase in the number of Seniors Living with family versus living independently
  • Increasing acceptance and expectation for advancing technology in Senior Housing
  • Healthcare on-site in Senior Housing is a new value to prospective residents
  • Most influential referral source for prospective residents and caregivers includes primary care physicians

The Bottom Line:
2021 Senior Housing Survey Results & Analysis White Paper

Learn what Seniors and Adult Family Caregivers expect from the Senior Housing industry now and going forward.

Discover insights from key results organized by Senior Living industry job type.

Insights most helpful for Senior Living experts:

For a full look into the results of the survey, download the white paper. 

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