Vital for Operational Efficiency, Infection Control, and Clinical Outcomes in Long Term Care

81% of Senior Living facilities experience inadequate indoor air quality (IAQ) in their buildings. From respiratory distress to suboptimal working conditions, poor IAQ leads to negative health outcomes that can hurt the finances and operations of Senior Living facilities of all types.

However, savvy Administrators who both understand the risks of poor IAQ and seize opportunities to improve IAQ in their buildings can improve the health and wellbeing of residents and staff alike. Join us to learn about the dangers of inadequate IAQ as well as what you can do to take steps toward better indoor air quality in your facility.

In partnership with Madison IAQ, this webinar features IAQ experts who will offer valuable, actionable knowledge such as:

  • How IAQ impacts infection prevention
  • The impact of poor IAQ on respiratory health
  • How to slow and contain the spread of outbreaks
  • And more

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