The Value of Direct Supply® DSSI

Direct Supply® DSSI™ leverages deep knowledge of healthcare and senior living to help our customers manage inflation, supply chain issues and training. Our patented AI technology and dedicated procurement services team transform procurement into a strategic advantage, saving providers at least 10% annually. Time savings are optimized by DSSI’s dedicated team, reducing labor costs and lessening the burden of busywork.

What is the DSSI Difference?

The DSSI solution stands out against other procurement solutions because of our scale and the breadth of data we access. We serve more than 15,000 communities nationwide. We have over 250 total organizations using the DSSI platform in 2024, with 130+ taking advantage of our spend management consulting services. Our proprietary OGM.AI™ tool mines terabytes of data at a time. The DSSI AI toolkit allows us to develop programs and find cost-effective solutions. 

A single operator might miss the level of detail we can see into. This extensive data access and next-generation tools give us a unique edge in the market.

Our scale is unparalleled, allowing us to provide unique insights and opportunities. The OGM.AI™ tool, for instance, is designed to analyze vast amounts of procurement data, identifying trends and cost-saving opportunities that would otherwise go unnoticed. This empowers us to offer our customers the most efficient and cost-effective procurement solutions available.

Benefits for New Organizations

For new organizations, DSSI offers significant benefits. We have experience from all over the country, working with customers of all sizes and markets. We’ve seen how size and time impact procurement strategies. Facilities often have limited resources and time, with purchasing directors juggling multiple roles. 

Direct Supply DSSI steps in as an extension of the procurement team, handling manual tasks. The workload reduction allows internal teams to focus on projects that directly impact resident and patient care.

When facilities in the senior living space have a Director of Purchasing, that individual could be wearing numerous hats. From scheduling to providing Accounts Payable services, they probably have a lot on their plate. They may also be new to procurement. 

Understanding the different needs of residents and caregivers, as well as navigating the healthcare supply chain, is critical. The DSSI solution brings this expertise to the table, offering valuable support and relieving the pressure on internal teams.

Healthcare organizations that have an established purchasing department can still gain value from Direct Supply DSSI through data. An internal purchasing department only has a narrow view of their contracts and vendor relationships. They certainly don’t have the breadth of data that DSSI accesses through our cutting-edge platform. 

We offer a broader perspective, allowing us to measure internal efforts against best-in-class benchmarks or industry averages. We help our growing customers make strategic decisions based on comprehensive data insights.

The Real-World Impact

A practical example of this comes from one of our customers, a chief procurement officer at his employer. Initially hesitant about outsourcing help, he found that Direct Supply DSSI did not replace his role. Instead, our services complemented his work. 

The DSSI team helped him scale operations, leading to better outcomes and more efficient procurement processes. With Direct Supply DSSI, he managed to keep track of price increases, discontinued items and product changes. Balancing all three would have been challenging to handle alone.

Advantages of Partnering with Direct Supply DSSI

Working with Direct Supply DSSI offers numerous advantages. Our offerings include a diverse and experienced team with extensive knowledge of the healthcare and senior living industries. Our team members, spread across various states, adapt quickly to different regional needs. This diversity of experience ensures we understand local market dynamics and can respond swiftly to emerging needs.

Data sharing with our customers taps into a vast knowledge base, providing valuable insights. From these insights, we provide actionable recommendations to enhance results. A large portion of our team members have been with Direct Supply DSSI for decades. Our tenure and knowledge diversity means we bring a wealth of experience to every client interaction. 

Many of our team members also have backgrounds as nurses, CNAs, or administrators in the healthcare and senior living industries. This adds depth to our understanding of our customers’ challenges and needs.

Guidance and Resources

We provide national and localized data to measure against industry benchmarks. We link suppliers to providers for product education, and offer new levels of spend visibility. Our official quarterly business reviews give executives a clear snapshot of current procurement activities. We also explain how the Direct Supply and internal procurement teams are adapting to changes in healthcare procurement.

These reviews are particularly valuable for executives like CFOs, COOs, and CEOs. Individuals who manage numerous priorities need concise, clear updates. Our presentation-style reviews allow these leaders to quickly grasp the state of their procurement operations.

Using our reports, it is simple for our customers to share insights with their teams and boards. This level of detailed, strategic reporting is a key differentiator for Direct Supply DSSI. Our reporting helps our clients stay informed and proactive.

How DSSI Helps Our Customers Save Thousands Annually

Our principles of quality, excellence and integrity drive our outrageous customer service. By improving efficiencies, uncovering savings opportunities, and helping customers scale, we positively impact caregivers and residents. Utilizing DSSI technology, we drive efficiencies, optimize formularies and identify change management opportunities through our data.

One of the ways we achieve this is through our proprietary artificial intelligence and next-generation tools. These technologies help us optimize formularies, ensuring that our customers use the most cost-effective and efficient products available. 

We also help manage tail spend on contracted or purchased services, which often fall outside the main procurement focus. Services like telecom, technology, waste management, and insurance can significantly impact a healthcare provider’s budget. DSSI develops programs to mitigate these costs.

By focusing on these often-overlooked areas, we help providers achieve significant savings. Our team has the ability to drive efficiencies and optimize spend in areas that might not receive regular attention. This is a testament to our comprehensive approach to procurement management.

Interested in Learning More?

In conclusion, Direct Supply DSSI stands out in the healthcare procurement space. We are proud of our extensive experience, innovative technology, and commitment to customer success. By partnering with us, healthcare providers can achieve significant cost savings, operational efficiencies, and better patient care outcomes. 

Our team’s expertise and the powerful DSSI platform combine. We offer unmatched support and competitive advantage in the challenging healthcare environment.

To learn more about how DSSI can transform your procurement processes, read our case study on how the Direct Supply DSSI uses artificial intelligence to integrate and streamline procurement. Our case studies highlight real-world examples of how we have helped healthcare providers. We save money, improve efficiency and deliver better care through innovative procurement solutions.

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