Senior Living communities across the country are tirelessly and heroically working to keep their residents and staff safe from the coronavirus pandemic. We’ve heard incredible stories from the frontlines, and we’re in awe of the dedication and determination of caregivers as they care for the nation’s most vulnerable population. 

In light of this, our mission to help seniors thrive is stronger than ever, and our Partners have worked constantly to support the Senior Living industry. Here are four ways we’ve worked to support Senior Living communities in their fight against COVID-19.

1. Securing Increased Funding Support 

The latest Phase 3 funds totaling $20B for providers was another significant step forward in supporting the industry as it continues to face negative economic impacts. This funding, part of the CARES Act, will help providers cover the costs of the PPE, testing and staffing they need to help keep residents and caregivers safe, as well as help fund investment in new technologies to elevate infection control in their communities.

Direct Supply played a large role in helping to secure and direct funding specifically for the Senior Living industry. Through the Tell Our Stories app and Facebook group, where caregivers across the country share stories from their communities, we collected amazing stories that showcase the spirit and dedication of the staff and residents in senior care. We shared these stories with legislators to provide a deeper understanding and personal connection to the nation’s most vulnerable citizens during this pandemic. These stories helped us secure funding from the federal relief act for senior care. 

Share your own stories on the Tell Our Stories app by downloading it through the App Store or Google Play.

Tell Our Stories App

2. Providing Access to Essential Safety Products

At the beginning of the pandemic, global shortages on essential items and PPE equipment left many Senior Living communities scrambling. Our teams worked quickly with manufacturers to set up dependable supply chains for critical safety products, like masks, gowns, bleach, hand sanitizers and more, all at quality levels appropriate for use in healthcare environments. 

Once we secured these essential items, we prioritized the inventory for our senior care customers to ensure they would have dependable access to the supplies they needed.  

For help finding the right equipment for your community, contact us today. 

PPE from Direct Supply

3. Vetting Trending Senior Living Technology

From telehealth to virtual calls with family, Senior Living technology solutions have been vital to supporting residents during the pandemic. Since the beginning of our company, Direct Supply has been dedicated to anticipating what’s coming next for Senior Living, and we’re always on the hunt for new technologies in Senior Living that will help move the industry forward. 

The COVID-19 pandemic is no different. We have been vetting new technologies in Senior Living facilities that go beyond managing disease outbreaks, finding solutions that can elevate your entire approach to infection control and help make your building safer for staff and residents. 

From artificial intelligence fall prevention solutions to thermal temperature scanners, we’re bringing an array of technology to the senior housing market to help you care for residents.

Discover the latest tech to help you fight COVID-19, or contact our technology solutions team to find the right tech for your community.

4. Offering Expert Insights

The difficult quarantine conditions have taken a toll on staff and residents – not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. Our teams have been sharing insights and ideas to help overcome the many challenges facing Senior Living.  

Explore these resources to help you support residents and staff during the pandemic and beyond: 

 For additional resources, browse our COVID-19 insights

COVID-19 Ideas and Expertise for Senior Living from Direct Supply

Direct Supply can help support you in your fight against the coronavirus. Find COVID-19 products and resources, or contact us today for help finding the right solutions for your unique community.