We are living in a time of uncertainty, a time when we need to stand together by standing apart from each other. Humans are inherently social creatures, so this complicates how we go about our day-to-day lives. It’s unfamiliar and downright uncomfortable, but more importantly, it can have an impact on our health and lead to adverse health conditions, such as depression and anxiety.

How can your residents continue to interact with one another, stay fit and remain emotionally supported while in isolation? Isolated engagement is particularly difficult in Long Term Care under the current circumstances, but it is possible with the right tools.

Over the past few weeks, Direct Supply has received numerous ideas from customers on creative ways to continue social engagement from a distance. Individual engagement kits have become a popular way to keep residents both physically active and allow them to express their emotions and creativity while in confinement.

On the physical side, the following exercise supplies have been highly requested:

These individual-use products can help residents maintain their strength and mobility, while reducing any potential cross-contamination risk. Regular exercise can help prevent diseases, increase balance and stability, and improve immune function, which is especially essential during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Creative self-expression can provide an emotional outlet for your residents. Equip your engagement kits with an array of art supplies to keep your residents busy and stimulated:

These products will offer residents an opportunity to freely express themselves through artwork, crafts and journaling. Perhaps with stationery, residents can write letters to their loved ones as another avenue to connect with the outside world.

As we continue to push through the COVID-19 crisis together, your residents’ well-being remains the top priority. By providing them with engagement kits, you can help them thrive as much as possible – physically and emotionally – until better days arrive.

To start customizing your own resident engagement kits, shop online or contact your account manager at 800-634-7328 to order.

As always, we value your suggestions and firsthand experiences, so please keep sharing what you are doing at your community to enrich the lives of those who are isolated during this trying time. We’d love to continue presenting new ideas that may help other communities find ways to reach their residents and improve their quality of life.