Vital signs collection is crucial in detecting the early symptoms of COVID-19, and helping to stop the spread of the infection. While a CDC authorized test is essential for an official diagnosis, vital signs like temperature and pulse oximetry are key indicators for virus symptoms and are imperative measurements in any healthcare setting, especially Long Term Care.

As the virus continues to impact Senior Living and Assisted Living Communities in 2021, many states are requiring increased testing and documentation of vital signs. The process of collecting and recording vital signs can be a time-consuming process without the right tools. Recent advances in connected technology have improved the accuracy and efficiency of the vital signs process, and have revolutionized clinical caregiving during these challenging times.

Improve Vitals Accuracy & Efficiency with DS smart® Technology

DS smart is an exclusive technology that connects compatible vital signs monitors (VSMs) with your electronic medical records (EMRs) and uploads information with the press of a button. By simplifying the process, this software eliminates transcription errors, saves up to 40% of caregivers’ time, and can improve clinical outcomes by providing the most up-to-date information to the physician staff. In a healthcare environment impacted by COVID-19, these real-time benefits are invaluable to assessing and protecting your community’s health.

Implementing DS smart® for Vitals in Your Community

The onboarding process for DS smart is quick and thorough. A dedicated Customer Success Manager will guide your staff through the entire implementation process and facilitate a series of free training sessions. These comprehensive trainings are designed to get you using DS smart fast – 90% of CNAs are trained in less than 5 minutes.

“We love the vital signs monitors with DS smart at our building. They’re quick, accurate and have helped to make my nursing staff more efficient.”

Keith Carroll

Executive Director, Wisteria Place

“We’re so thankful for the quick response and getting up and running in less than a month, especially during COVID-19!”

Nancy Stoddard

Vice President of IT, The New Jewish Home

Save your community time and money while helping to ensure the safety of your residents.
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