When it comes to designing spectacular Senior Living spaces, it’s more than just choosing attractive furniture and décor – it’s about creating memorable experiences that will attract residents again and again. Whether you’re looking to increase marketability, community engagement or resident satisfaction, consider designing spaces that encourage enjoyable experiences for staff, families and residents alike. Here are five ideas to get you started:

1. Engaging Environments

Infuse your environment with activities that appeal to residents. Not only will engaging activities spark conversation, laughter and memories, they’ll help improve camaraderie among staff and residents. Appeal to the gamers with board games, shuffleboard and a poker table. Go tech-savvy with virtual reality headsets, or attract the artists with craft supplies, paints and blank canvases. Providing the right activities can transform an attractive room into an engaging destination.   

2. Resident Committees

Increase engagement and empower residents to be decision makers for their environment by forming resident committees. Consider creating a café committee that helps select menu items and plan special events. Other committees may be devoted to setting up volunteer opportunities, planning monthly game nights or running your library. By giving residents an active role, they’ll feel more connected to your community.

3. Attractive Libraries

Libraries are more than just rooms that house books – they also provide spaces for residents to connect through book clubs, classes and conversations. In addition to providing ample book shelving that’s easily accessible for seniors, include comfortable seating that’s ideal for long periods of sitting as well as bright light that facilitates easier reading. Also consider using a mix of table sizes. Large reading tables allow residents to open a newspaper without bothering their neighbor, while small side tables provide a convenient place to set coffee.

4. Outdoor Retreats

Don’t forget your outdoor living spaces when creating engaging destinations for residents! Consider providing games for residents to play outside, like a putting green or cornhole bag boards. Adding a fire pit and comfortable seating can create an amazing environment for outdoor happy hours when weather allows. 

5. Community Partners

Get the outside community involved! Local artists, performing groups and creative instructors can provide exciting programming that draws in not only residents, but their families as well. Involving outside organizations can help you mix up your usual events and help residents create stronger bonds with the surrounding community.

Infusing a few fresh ideas into your community can create inviting destinations for your residents. Contact us today to start your Senior Living design project, or learn how to design relaxing resident rooms.

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