Direct Supply’s 2023 trending healthcare products are senior care solutions researched and tested with feedback from real customers on the front lines. From vital signs technology to health aids for seniors, these are the top 7 new innovations to help your healthcare environment combat the industry’s toughest problems and everyday challenges. The following senior care items include superior features and performance for both your seniors and healthcare professionals providing care. 

When it comes to healthcare industry-leading innovation, seeing is believing. Direct Supply’s product consultant experts have compiled informative vlogs so you can watch these products for seniors in action.

Don’t wait to innovate – scroll to discover our 7 new and trending senior product solutions to bring innovative care at an unbeatable value to your healthcare setting.

Top Trending Healthcare Medical Products for Seniors

1. Direct Supply’s Innovative EZ-Lift™ Wheelchair Seat with Anti-Rollback

This patent-pending solution provides adjustable seat lift assistance to wheelchair users − promoting independence and reducing strain on caregivers. What’s more, this device features automatic anti-rollback braking, which is enabled when a user begins to stand.

2. Attendant Vital Signs Monitors

This innovative healthcare product can help you solve your vitals workflow problems like never before. The NEW Attendant Touchscreen Vital Signs Monitors supports staff efficiency in vitals collection by offering dual thermometry options, making it easy to collect a senior’s vitals at the time the healthcare professional is in the room – even if the senior has just had a cool glass of water or dislikes oral collection. 

The new Attendant Touchscreen Vital Signs Monitors offers your choice of temporal, tympanic, infrared or oral thermometers as well as upgraded pulse oximetry, and extended range of disposable blood pressure cuffs to increase senior and healthcare professional choice. This all-in-one vital signs machine can help bring your healthcare setting’s patient vital signs monitoring system to the next level.

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Vital Signs Technology and EMR Connectivity: DS smart

Interested in leveraging vitals signs technology with EMR connectivity? The Attendant Vital Signs Monitors are bluetooth enabled and connectable to DS smart care technology, so vitals readings can be transferred easily to patient EMRs. Learn more about DS smart’s medical device integration with EMR capabilities.

3. Wheelchair Anti-Rollback Device

Our next senior care solution is a wheelchair anti-rollback device. Wheelchairs rolling or moving when seniors are getting in and out of them present dangerous fall risks. Keep seniors safe with our new intuitive and quick-to-install anti-rollback wheelchair device – exclusive to Direct Supply. The anti-rollback wheelchair device is a helpful product for seniors to prevent falls and helpful for healthcare staff to increase efficiency. 

This non-intrusive designed senior care solution allows the wheelchair to fold for storage without removing the device and does not impede a healthcare professional’s stride when walking behind the chair. What’s more, this wheelchair anti-rollback device is compatible with most standard wheelchairs regardless of width. Additionally, this health aid for senior care is designed with a pin system instead of screw system to better stay in place. 

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Other Helpful Products for Seniors: Wheelchairs and Cushions

When considering an anti-rollback wheelchair device, other helpful products for senior patient care are wheelchairs and cushions. However, wheelchairs and cushions are not a one-size fits all scenario – learn how to select the right patient wheelchair and how to select the best patient wheelchair cushions 

4. Panacea Atlas Lifts

The best medical products for seniors are affordable, versatile and offer reliable care safety for seniors and healthcare professionals. The all new Panacea® Atlas senior lifts are the next featured trending healthcare product because they check all of those boxes.

The Panacea® Atlas medical patient lifts are available in both sit-to-stand and floor lift equipment  options. Their trending new version offers an optimized power spread capability with the touch of a button. For those healthcare professionals who prefer manual patient lifting equipment, the Panacea® Atlas lifts now have a modernized and convenient  foot crank versus the standard hand crank. This innovative product for senior care is designed to help those who help others deliver the best care possible. 

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Learn more about how to increase safety and boost outcomes with sit-to-stand lifts.

5. Direct Supply Multi-Brand Slings

Healthcare professionals can often spend a lot of time searching for the right sling to use with its corresponding lift. With this new product innovation, your healthcare staff won’t have to worry about spending more budget or time on specific brands of slings for each lift you have. 

Direct Supply’s multi-brand slings have passed compatibility testing and are appropriate to use with leading brands of lift equipment. Even if you have multiple brands of lifting equipment in your community, with this helpful product for seniors, you can now depend on one affordable sling brand to help keep your staff and seniors safe during transfers.

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Learn more about how to use and select lift slings.

6. Panacea Embrace Mattress

Our next innovative healthcare product revolutionizes the typical healthcare foam mattress. The Panacea Embrace Healthcare Foam Mattress is a helpful product for senior sleep support and comfort. Unlike the typical costly and warm to sleep in foam mattress, this modernized mattress solution helps take senior care to the next level with optimized comfort and value features.

The Panacea Embrace Healthcare Foam mattress has open cell viscoelastic foam that offers excellent immersion and comfortable sleeping temperatures. The die cut pattern provides comfort and pressure redistribution by creating individual load bearing cells to cradle seniors and improve air flow. This new innovation in healthcare foam mattresses will help your seniors sleep easily and your staff rest assured knowing they are providing the optimal care solution. 

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Senior Health Aids Vlog: How to Know When to Replace Mattresses

Healthcare mattresses can be an investment. Watch this vlog to discover some tips and tricks for getting the most out of your mattresses, including how to identify when it’s time to replace them and what to look for when shopping for new ones.

7. Direct Supply Zero Opening Assist

Our last featured trending healthcare product is the Direct Supply Zero Opening Bed Assist. This medical product for seniors is safe, sleek and simple. This versatile assist device features no openings in the handle, minimizing the risk of entrapment, and is compatible with a variety of bed brands and models.

The Direct Supply Zero Opening Bed Assist device is not an entrapment or restraint risk for seniors, and comes adjustable for multiple heights of beds. Its innovative design allows it to serve as a stabilizing cane and can help seniors reposition themselves.

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Senior Care Solution Vlog: Residential Bed Zero-Opening Assists

Compatible with a variety of residential bed frames, this unique assist device features a sleek, slim profile and can be used in a number of ways to aid your residents and staff. What’s more, this device offers no risk of resident entrapment or restraint for increased peace of mind. Watch this senior care solution vlog to learn more!

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