When it comes to Senior Living technology, we understand managing the various technology systems in your community can be challenging. But we also know that a lack of preparation and clarity can cause huge problems if your technology fails. By preparing for technology issues, you can help prevent mishaps from derailing your community’s operations and disrupting residents. With more than 30 years of Senior Living experience, we’ve seen our fair share of technology problems, and we’re sharing our top five tips for staying ahead of the most common technology failures.

Tip #1: Choose a Solution with Scale

When planning your technology roadmap and purchasing any system, one of the most important factors is selecting a solution with scale, which means the system is able to expand and progress as technology continuously evolves over time. Scalable systems will help ensure your tech adapts as your community evolves and provides easier fixes should the systems fail.

Tip #2: Establish a Champion User

When your technology fails, time is of the essence to get things back up and running. One way to streamline the process is by assigning a Champion Technology User. This person is the go-to resource for your community’s technology. By identifying a dedicated tech resource – or a team of 2 to 3 employees who share these responsibilities – you’ll make it easier to quickly solve any tech issues when systems fail.

Tip #3: Identify Your External Point of Contact for Tech Assistance

When your systems fail, does your Champion User or dedicated tech team know who to contact? If they don’t, identify an external point of contact and ensure your team knows who this person is. Displaying the person’s contact information throughout the community will make it easily available for your staff in the event of system failure.

Tip #4: Schedule Ongoing System Checks and Team Trainings

Regular training and system checks are key to helping prevent tech failure down the road. We recommend you and your team have regular training on your integrated systems so you’re using them to their fullest potential. Not taking full advantage of your systems may mean your staff is missing out on opportunities for greater efficiencies.

Tip #5: Standardize Your Communities

To simplify your technology, aim to install the same systems across your organization’s communities. This will help create a streamlined protocol and common language in each community. Having clear communication and standards is a great way to create cost savings as well. For example, one of our TechTrack™ customers saw a 37% cost reduction due to stronger standards management.

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