If imminent weather is coming and you’re looking at a shortage of service providers, you’re going to want to protect your building to the best of your ability. 

To help your plumbing systems stay safe, keep the water running unless you have time to completely winterize your building before the storm event hits. If you have the power turned off to your building because of a storm event, try to turn the water off proactively.

It’s important for you to winterize your building. What that’ll do is help prevent pipes from freezing. It’ll prevent pipes from bursting. As the warm weather comes back through, it prevents water from spraying all over.

The most common issues with cold weather and plumbing systems will be frozen water lines in outside walls or in ceilings.

It’s very common for shower valves to be in an outside wall, those are hard to access. If there isn’t a tub spout to the point where you can turn on the shower and let the water drain out of the tub spout, that water will sit in that line from where it drops down up to the shower head. And that is most susceptible to bursting.