Fall has arrived with changing leaves, shorter days and crisper air. It also means the first frost of the season could happen at any time. Winterize pipes to ensure that sub-freezing temperatures won’t wreak havoc on your building’s plumbing and your budget with tips from the experts at TELS® Senior Living Building Management.

Steps to Winterize Pipes and How to Keep Your Pipes from Freezing

Whether you’re looking how to winterize a house or a Senior Living building, you can protect your plumbing and avoid emergency situations and repairs with these essential steps.

  1. Check Space Heaters: Check to ensure the space heaters in your unconditioned mechanical rooms, fire system rooms and/or water heater rooms are functioning properly.
  2. Drain Dry Fire Systems: If you have a dry fire system, drain as many low points as possible to prevent freeze breaks that would activate the system.
  3. Inspect Pumps: Inspect your domestic hot water and heating water circulating pumps to ensure they are running and in good working condition.
  4. Inspect Heat Trace Tape: If you have any piping where there is heat trace tape installed, make sure the tape is still wrapped around the pipe and touching and that the heat trace system is working.
  5. Leave End-of-Line Faucet Dripping: Find a resident room, shower room or janitor’s closet at the end of your domestic water branch line for each corridor and leave the hot and cold side on the faucet dripping.
  6. Heat Unoccupied Rooms: Turn the heat on in any unoccupied resident rooms to keep the interior temperature above freezing.
  7. Inspect Attic Insulation: Make sure the insulation on any of your exterior piping or piping that is located in the attic is in good condition and installed correctly.
  8. Install Insulated Boxes: Cover all hose bibs and frost-proof faucets with insulated boxes. If you have any above-ground exterior double-check or RPZ valves, make sure they are wrapped and covered with insulated boxes. For any below-ground valves, make sure the lids are in place on the valve and meter boxes, and that the boxes are not full of water.

For TELS Platform subscribers, you can load ongoing events just like what’s outlined above as maintenance Tasks, or seasonal, weather-related events as Work Orders in TELS Platform to help ensure work gets done efficiently and is recorded for reference.

Do Plumbers Winterize Homes and Senior Living Buildings?

These actions can be performed by Senior Living maintenance personnel. But if you’re unsure how to manage these tasks or lack the time or resources, a certified plumber from the TELS Building Services network can perform and execute a cold-weather inspection for you to winterize pipes and keep your pipes from freezing.

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