Early detection of COVID-19 is crucial to preventing the spread of the infection across any given community, creating serious demand for vitals collection. That’s because checking both temperature and pulse oximetry are key indicators of the virus symptoms. Some states like California are requiring more vitals rounds per day while other states like Illinois are required to have vitals collected and documented at least three times per day. Documentation of all COVID-19 cases is also imperative to maintaining overall community health.1,2

As any Senior Living staff member can tell you, adequate help is almost always a concern. With vitals collection requiring 1:1 interactions with residents and health care professionals also needing monitoring when entering the building, the burden on staff can be overwhelming.

DS smart® Technology was Designed for Efficiency & Accuracy

Exclusively from Direct Supply®, DS smart can play a very important part in assisting with vitals collection. The software connects with compatible smart vital sign monitors and smart scales to ensure clinical data accuracy. This newfound efficiency can save one minute per resident vitals collection. Whether your community has dozens or hundreds of residents, the time-savings potential adds up fast.

The DS smart app instantly uploads data captured on the vital signs machine, scale or other EMR connected deviceswith a tap of a button. And with time-stamped data, users gain a birds-eye view of building health both accurate and in real time.

Rolling out DS smart in your community is getting easier all the time. A dedicated Customer Success Manager will guide your staff through implementation and free training can be done remotely. In fact, 90% of CNAs are trained in under 5 minutes! On top of that, DS smart may even work with vital signs equipment you already are using in your buildings, significantly reducing upfront costs.

“We love the vital signs monitors with DS smart at our building. They’re quick, accurate and have helped to make my nursing staff more efficient.”

Keith Carroll

Executive Director, Wisteria Place

“We’re so thankful for the quick response and getting up and running in less than a month, especially during COVID-19!”

Nancy Stoddard

Vice President of IT, The New Jewish Home

To see how DS smart technology could work in your community, click here for a free demo. Or check out our calculator to see how much time and money your community could be saving with wireless vital sign monitoring. If your community needs help fighting COVID-19, contact us or browse our COVID-19 page for more information.