The ability to quickly and accurately to take vital signs measurements, especially temperature, is at the frontlines of resident care during the coronavirus response. Here, our experts break down the pros and cons of thermometry types by speed, accuracy, cost, maintenance and more to help you make the best decisions for your resident population.

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Digital Oral Thermometer – historically, the industry standard

    PROS (accuracy, familiarity)

    • Most familiar to caregivers
    • Most accurate and widely recommended
    • +/- 0.2°F variance (if reading is off, it will be low)
    • No calibration required

    CONS (speed, maintenance)

    • Many variables can affect accuracy, including probe cover and placement, biting, and liquid consumption
    • It can be difficult for some residents to keep the probe in the sublingual pocket, which in turn affects accuracy
    • Readings usually take between 8 and 15 seconds
    • Probe covers required, adding cost

      Tympanic/Ear Thermometer – when quickness counts

        Attendant Connected Tympanic Thermometer

        PROS (speed, ease of use, selection)

        • Fast with a near-instant reading (ideal for fidgety residents)
        • Easy to use
        • Increased market acceptance
        • Wide selection of product options

        CONS (cost, maintenance, accuracy-affecting resident factors)

        • +/- 0.4°F variance (reading may vary between high and low)
        • Probe covers required, adding cost
        • Calibration and lens cleaning required
        • Many variables can affect accuracy, including environment, ear wax, improper aiming, hearing aids and resident position

        Check out the NEW Attendant® Connected Tympanic Thermometer. When paired with  DS smart® solutions it will seamlessly connect a resident’s reading to their EMR.

        Temporal Thermometerextremely reliable and accurate

          PROS (accuracy, low maintenance, warranty)

          • +/- 0.2°F variance; unit self-selects most accurate reading from hundreds of data points (if reading is off, it will be low)
          • 5-second readings
          • Best warranty
          • Self-calibrates
          • Contains fewest resident factors that can affect accuracy

          CONS (unfamiliarity, cost)

          • Requires training and is relatively new to Senior Care
          • High up-front costs
          • Lens cleaning required
          • Can be difficult to find the temporal artery due to wrinkles, makeup and skin imperfections

          Infrared Non-Contact Thermometerthe ideal option for better infection control

            PROS (higher acuity accommodation, speed, selection, maintenance)

            • Non-contact for infection control
            • Extremely helpful for Memory Care residents or those who are averse to having temperatures taken
            • Wide selection of product options and price points
            • Near-instant reading
            • No probe covers or calibration required

            CONS (accuracy)

            • Generally 0.4°F variance when compared to touch methods
            • Factors that may contribute to inaccurate readings include hair, moisture and aim

            Thermal Temperature Scanner – an excellent non-contact solution

              Thermal Scanner

              Thermal temperature scanners¹ detect a person’s temperature without contact or need for human intervention. If an elevated temperature is detected, the device alerts the individual with audible and visible confirmation. This technology can help lower staffing expenses, reduce risk of exposure, provide immediate data for staff and demonstrate that safety is a top priority.

              As this technology continues to evolve, these temperature scanners can eventually be used to send alerts to mobile staff, lock a door or connect to a visitor management system for further screening questions if an elevated temperature is detected. 

              Please be aware that due to high global demand, there is currently a shortage of healthcare products like thermometers available. We are working closely with the Presidential Task Force, the CDC, AHCA, Argentum and others in the industry to ensure that you and your seniors are prioritized for supplies, resources and regulatory guidance during these trying times. We are frequently updating our product content on the web to give you the most up-to-date information about availability.

              If you have any immediate questions, concerns or needs, personal account managers are standing by to help. Please call 1-866-300-4074.

              ¹This is not a medical device. Statements regarding this temperature device have not been evaluated by the FDA. This temperature device should not be solely or primarily relied upon to diagnose or exclude a diagnosis of COVID-19, or any other disease or health condition. Elevated body temperature in the context of use should be confirmed with secondary evaluation methods.

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