Antimicrobial Linens for Healthcare Infection Control

Incorporating antimicrobial linens into your healthcare setting can play a critical role in infection control. Antibacterial textiles can aid in creating a healthier building for your staff and seniors.

Read on to learn about the importance of antimicrobial textiles and how you can incorporate them into your healthcare setting.

1. Why are antimicrobial linens important?

Antimicrobial linens help slow and stop the spread of certain germs in healthcare settings. The embedded germ-killing and odor-destroying properties prevent the spread of infections and bacteria-borne skin problems. Because these sheets and towels are self-sanitizing, they stay fresh longer and don’t need to be laundered as frequently due to the antimicrobial agents in their fabric.

Antimicrobial linens include:

2. How does antimicrobial fabric work?

So, what makes towels, curtains and linens antimicrobial? Antimicrobial linens stop the spread of disease through silver strands – finer than a human hair – that are woven into every piece. Silver naturally prevents bacteria growth.  The silver, carrying a positive charge, is attracted to the bacteria, carrying a negative charge. This attraction breaks the bacteria’s cell wall, destroying the infectious organisms before they have a chance to reproduce.

3. What other advantages do antimicrobial linens provide?

Antimicrobial linens protect against acne-causing bacteria, cross contamination, odor, fungus, mildew and bacteria mold, in addition to infection control. They also withstand bleach and peroxide, making them incredibly versatile. From bed linen sheet sets to bathroom towels and even privacy cubicle curtains, antimicrobial solutions can be implemented anywhere in your healthcare setting!

Beyond linens, other types of antimicrobial textiles include:

4. How much do antimicrobial textiles cost?

Due to the raw materials and silver in the linens, antimicrobial textiles generally cost between 30 – 50% more than traditional solutions. However, these textiles last up to seven times longer and use far less water to clean than traditional terry products. These benefits, coupled with infection control properties, provide a quick return on your investment. 

In addition to using linens with antimicrobial agents for infection prevention, using microfiber over cotton textiles can help your healthcare setting find labor savings

5. How do antimicrobial textiles help healthcare settings?

With their infection control and long lasting features,  antimicrobial textiles provide peace of mind to healthcare professionals and can enhance any healthcare environment. Order antimicrobial bath towels, antimicrobial washcloths, hospital curtains and more for your healthcare setting today!

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From cost savings to invaluable protection against disease, antimicrobial textiles are an excellent addition to any care setting. Shop for sheets, towels and privacy curtains today. Not sure which to choose? Contact our product experts to learn more about these amazing solutions. If you need help with infection control, contact us or in infection control resource page for more information.