For nearly 40 years, Direct Supply has been a partner in Senior Living, one of the most regulated sectors in healthcare, and knows what it takes for continuous quality improvement and patient centered care. With over 1M+ products to help support quality assurance and quality improvement, we have the regulatory compliance experience and supply chain you need to achieve your Joint Commission goals.

Learn how to prepare for your next JCAHO survey with these healthcare accreditation tips and products to support patient centered care.

Achieving Healthcare Accreditation Goals with Products to Support Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)

2023 National Patient Safety Goals: Joint Commission Tips

Depending on your facility type and designated Joint Commission environment of care program, specific national patient safety goals (NPSGs) vary. Below are a few Joint Commission NPSG themes with accompanying tips and products to accelerate patient safety preparations for every environment of care:

1. Enhance Patient Outcomes with Infection Prevention

Infection control and prevention help increase safety for your patients, staff, and overall healthcare environment. Infection prevention preparations reduce the risk for healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, almost 1 in 31 inpatients at any given time have an infection related to hospital care.

Discover product offerings to aid in infection control throughout your facility to enhance patient outcomes.

2. Prevent Skin Breakdown

Pressure relieving and pressure reducing support surfaces are critical products to reduce the risk of skin breakdown during a hospital stay. Stress, moisture, friction, shear creates risk for pressure injuries and other skin breakdown. The right products can re-distribute weight, offload pressure, and create a comfortable and dry surface that reduces those risks. Pressure injuries and skin breakdown wounds can be difficult to heal, painful and negatively impact the patient’s quality of care. 

Elevate patient safety to achieve your goals by preventing skin breakdown in your patients with pressure relieving and reducing support surfaces.

  • Patient cushions provide effective pressure management and pressure sore prevention for ultimate patient comfort.
  • Healthcare mattresses enhance patient safety by aiding in proper pressure management and distribution for patients.

3. Be Prepared with Equipment for Emergencies and Everyday Use

Being prepared with the right medical equipment is important in emergency and non-emergency situations. The right medical equipment, in the right amount, and in the right location, can improve productivity for your healthcare staff and help them administer treatment to patients quickly and easily. Personalized labeling and storage for specific conditions or patients adds a level of assurance and safety.

The right preparedness products can increase your facility’s response and engagement with patient safety goals.

  • Medical Carts house supplies and equipment and can be used to swiftly transport supplies throughout your facility.
  • Medical refrigerators, designed specifically for healthcare applications, have high performance features for consistent cooling, including temperature control and alarms for safety monitoring. 

Examples of Continuous Quality Improvement in Healthcare with JCHAO Surveys

Direct Supply has been put to the test helping healthcare facilities meet Joint Commission survey preparation and navigate healthcare supply chain challenges

A behavioral health facility faced an unexpected JCAHO survey and did not have the necessary crash carts to meet requirements. Without PO proof within 24 hours, the facility would have failed their inspection. Direct Supply helped the health system save time and money with fast PO placement and equipment acquisition for JCAHO and continuous healthcare quality improvement.

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The Benefits of Continuous Quality Improvement and Joint Commission Readiness

Preparing for Joint Commission surveys better positions your facility for healthcare accreditation goals while increasing your overall ROI. Working with experienced healthcare regulatory supply chain partners can help your product and equipment acquisition bring continuous quality improvement to your facility. 

  • Federal funding opportunities. When environments of care achieve Joint Commission accreditation, many meet and even surpass CMS standards for acceptance in Medicare and Medicaid programs to receive federal funding. 
  • Trusted supplier partnerships. A reputable supply chain partner with product consultant support can help you find the right healthcare supplies and equipment to meet JCAHO requirements and for greater quality improvement and efficiency in your facility. 
  • Improved patient care. Healthcare accreditation puts a focus on improving patient care to drive better outcomes. Enhancing your facility with quality assurance and improvement practices, procedures and products can lead to improved patient experiences.

Joint Commission preparedness can help your facility achieve accreditation goals for continuous quality improvement in healthcare. As a proven regulatory compliance partner, Direct Supply is dedicated to helping healthcare organizations achieve performance enhancing standards with a powerful supply chain and product expertise.

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