Do you have renovation projects to complete in multiple buildings? 

Managing multiple renovation projects simultaneously is complex, cumbersome and time-consuming. Each project requires some level of scope, plan, design, budget, construction and procurement. On top of that, each market, community, building and project has different needs and regulatory requirements – multiply that by the number of projects in a portfolio, and it’s no wonder why concerns arise. When discussing this with our portfolio clients, they have expressed three common hurdles when delivering on multiple renovation projects: visibility to project status, speed to market and driving project efficiency savings.

Reimagine the Future of Senior Living Design and Construction

Aptura works exclusively with Senior Living clients to manage their real estate projects to optimize ROI while enhancing resident and staff satisfaction. Whether your project is a renovation, reposition or addition, we augment your team as a trusted partner to execute on your portfolio of projects.

Our strategic approach to portfolio renovations provides you with accountability and execution efficiency while driving enhanced savings through project aggregation. We know how to get renovation projects done on time and within budget to meet your project goals. Our main priorities when managing your portfolio renovation:

  • Accountability Meeting project goals and expectations with dedicated program resources and real-time progress dashboards.
  • Speed Accelerating project execution with site walk technology and integrated design and construction delivery.
  • Savings Aggregating efficiencies and risk management with budget control, value engineering and more. 

We have seen this approach to managing portfolio renovations lead to transformed spaces that achieve intended outcomes, on time, within budget and with full transparency through every phase of the process. With this method, customers have experienced up to 24% faster completion of projects.*

Getting capital deployed and used properly is a massive undertaking – especially across multiple projects. Our team can help manage planning, design, procurement and construction, so you can take on multiple projects nationwide without adding to your in-house staff. When working with Aptura, you have a single point of contact – a program resource who orchestrates communication between your project stakeholders and Aptura’s interior designers, architects, construction managers, and procurement specialists.

Our interdisciplinary team of professionals works in lockstep with your team on several projects, each in a different phase of completion. Choreographing this work in parallel allows you to efficiently allocate dollars and resources to different projects across multiple states simultaneously, as was the case with our recent portfolio renovation project.

Map showing Aptura's nationwide reach to tackle 74 Promedica projects

Strategic partnerships help execute 74 interior design projects nationwide

One of our customers recognized the potential synergies between acute and post-acute care and embarked on an acquisition to bring those synergies to life. To fulfill their vision, extensive efforts were required to renovate and rebrand numerous Long Term Care and Memory Care buildings throughout the country. By partnering with Aptura, they were able to expedite the initiation of these projects while optimizing their return on investment.

“Working with Aptura helps fill a gap in our business that allow us to renovate buildings in need, without us having to hire new staff. Aptura really is a one-stop-shop for design, construction, purchasing and architecture.

The renovation work that has been completed, like a refreshed lobby or nurse station, has made our buildings a better place for residents, staff and visitors. We have seen these projects improve moral for staff especially. They see us investing money in the spaces they use everyday and it impacts their overall well-being.” – Rich, a facility director from the organization.

The completed renovation work, including revitalized lobbies and nurse stations, has significantly enhanced the overall quality of these buildings for residents, staff, and visitors alike. Particularly noteworthy is the positive impact these projects have had on the morale of the staff. Witnessing the investment made in the spaces they utilize daily has had a profound effect on their well-being.

In care environments, interior design must not only cater to desired aesthetics and reinforce the brand image but also serve the functional requirements of the space. Our team has excelled at promptly executing the operational model established by the organization, creating functional and captivating interiors that best align with their distinct operational needs.

By taking a holistic approach across the entire portfolio of properties, we have implemented consistent modifications that support the organization’s operations and branding, while also considering the unique characteristics of each building. As a result, we have become an invaluable extension of the organization’s team, not only due to our expansive and versatile staff but also because of our in-depth understanding of Senior Living and healthcare programming requirements.

Robert Kowalski

Senior Project Manager, Aptura

“My client views me as a part of their team. Over time, we have tailored our processes based on learnings to help drive efficiencies and savings. It’s a win-win situation. As owners and operators, they are accelerating the speed of project completion and receiving greater project outcomes.

And as a Project Manager, I have gained invaluable insight into all areas of the renovation process. After overseeing 74 projects at the same time, I feel confident I can help this and future clients navigate any possible situation that arises and guide them towards the most effective solution.”

Our 360 Promise 

The success of our partnership with clients is directly related to our holistic design approach. Our experts design with our 360 Promise we focus on five key pillars of building design to help you create a safe and sustainable space for residents and those who care for them.

Our 360 Promise
  1. Safety & Security
    Create a secure, residential environment for residents and staff that encourages resident independence.
  2. Health & Wellbeing
    Create an environment that supports and improves the health and lifestyle choices of residents.
  3. Social Engagement
    Create a community where residents are encouraged to stimulate their mind, body and spirit.

4. Operational Efficiency
Reduce the cost to serve, optimizing building operations and staffing.

5. Financial Viability
Position the community to drive census, staff retention and profitability.

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*Time to completion based on completed portfolio renovation projects $300K or less, conducted through Aptura in 2019, comparing the average timeline of the first three projects and the last three projects for the same corporation. Results not guaranteed; unforeseen delays such as pandemic restrictions and supply chain constraints may impact project timelines.