ProMedica recognized the potential synergies between acute and post-acute care and acquired HCR ManorCare to bring those synergies to life. But to realize that vision, there was a lot of work to do to renovate and rebrand 74 Long Term Care and Memory Care buildings across the country. Partnering with Aptura allowed ProMedica to get these projects underway quickly while maximizing their return on investment. 

Building efficiencies as an extension of ProMedica’s team

With Aptura, ProMedica gained the efficiencies of a 20-person team poised to take on multiple projects nationwide without having to add to their in-house staff. The team includes the convenience of a single point of contact – the project manager – who orchestrates communication between ProMedica’s project stakeholders and Aptura’s interior designers, construction managers and architects who are working in lockstep on several projects at different phases of completion.

By finding a team that can manage design, permits and construction, ProMedica has been able to make the most out of their capital investments while freeing up their in-house staff to focus on other demands. Getting capital deployed and used properly is a massive undertaking – especially across multiple projects. Aptura’s multifaceted team has been able to choreograph this work allowing ProMedica to efficiently allocate dollars to different projects across multiple states simultaneously. 

Direct Supply Aptura project team for Promedica

Elevating aesthetics and operational efficiency

In care settings, interior design needs to not only serve the desired aesthetics and reinforce the brand, it also needs to serve the function of the space. With more than 35 years of experience in senior care, Aptura is a partner who understands the operational needs of residents and patients across the continuum of care. Our team has been able to quickly execute on ProMedica’s operational model to create functional and engaging interiors that best serve their unique operational needs.

Additionally, the Aptura team is able to accomplish these interior design updates quickly because we’re working on a portfolio basis. By looking at the whole portfolio of properties, we can implement consistent changes that support ProMedica’s operations and branding, while also considering the unique needs of each building. As a result, we’ve became an extension of ProMedica’s team not only because of our large, multifaceted staff, but also because of our understanding of Senior Living and healthcare programing needs.

Strategic updates that balance budget and impact

Return on investment is a top consideration for every successful design project. Here are a few of the strategic renovations Aptura is executing across different ProMedica buildings nationwide:

Strategic planning for Senior Living interior design

Lobby and corridor updates
These spaces are the perfect place to invest dollars for small-scale projects that make a big impact.  Through updated fabrics, finishes, signage and artwork that better align with ProMedica’s brand, Aptura has given many buildings a facelift that creates a better first impression for visitors, and gives current residents and staff more pride in the space. 

Staff lounge and nurse stations
Nurse station updates are another space that drives first impressions and can also create more attractive work environments for your staff. With the ongoing challenge of staffing, creating more inviting and functional staff lounges offers a helpful tool for recruiting and retaining talent. 

Therapy and rehabilitation spaces
Renovating therapy spaces can help support your rehabilitation programming to improve patient care and outcomes. As a critical component to some financial models, this can be a strategic way to boost rehabilitation dollars, and for a company like ProMedica, also helps drive brand awareness for their offering across the care continuum.

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