As the finishing touch of any Senior Living interior design, artwork plays a big role in the mood of a space. Whether it’s providing visual cues to the purpose of the space, evoking memories or promoting ties to the local community, artwork helps set the stage for memorable experiences, which can help communities increase resident engagement. Choosing specially designed art for Senior Living can take your community’s space to the next level.

When it comes to selecting the types of artwork for Senior Living communities, there are a few special considerations. Read below for six tips to keep in mind and how to select the best art for Senior Living:

How to Select Art for Senior Living

1. Spread Local Love with Pieces of Art

Spark conversations and memories with community-centric artwork throughout the building. Use wall art featuring regional landmarks and maps, local military veterans or celebrities, or locally sourced materials to engage residents. This approach works especially well in Memory Care environments. Selecting local art in Senior Living can help residents feel more connected and integrated with your community.

2. Build an Art Gallery with a Resident Art Program

Select art crafted in your own community by using residents’ artwork in your design. A rotating gallery wall is a great way to showcase the latest work while keeping décor fresh and engaging. A resident art program can promote greater engagement by giving your residents a creative activity as a pastime. Sourcing artwork created by local artists is another great way to promote connection with the local community.

3. Select Fine Art with High Contrast

Residents with reduced eyesight can have trouble distinguishing muted, abstract paintings. Choosing artwork with high contrast can be easier on the eyes and bring energy into the space as well. Consider the boldness and intensity of shapes and colors when selecting art for Senior Living.

4. Pick a Theme with Senior Living Art

Consider themed artwork for areas dedicated to certain activities. For example, use movie artwork in the theater room or spa images in the salon. Not only does thematic art create unique destinations that are attractive to residents, it also provides helpful visual cues for the purpose of the space. In memory care environments, residents can be prone to wandering. Themed art for Senior Living spaces can aid in guiding them throughout your community. Learn more about memory care interior design.

5. Break the Interior Design Mold with Senior Living Art

Break free of traditional frames with fun, modern canvases. Spark interaction with tactile pieces in all different mediums, which encourage residents to interact with their surroundings. Wall gardens and artwork with moveable pieces are all great ways to pique residents’ interest.

6. Wayfinding with Art in Your Senior Living Community

Strategically using artwork as wayfinding pieces is a stylish way to help residents navigate the building. Color block tactile art and textured panels in coordinating colors can help residents with memory concerns more easily find their way around. When selecting art for dementia care spaces, consider wayfinding art pieces that allow for safe wandering and resident safety.

Simplify your artwork project with Direct Supply

Artwork has a huge impact on Senior Living spaces, but oftentimes it’s overlooked or left to the last minute. That’s why Direct Supply’s art consulting makes it simple to bring your artwork vision to life. Just provide us with a few project specifics, like the color palette, design boards or any other aesthetic concepts. Then we’ll get to work creating an artwork package for you to review and approve. We’ll also handle delivery and installation to ensure the artwork is properly secured for Senior Living environments.

To get started on your Senior Living artwork project, contact us today. For more ideas, browse our online selection of artwork, or check out how to create inviting outdoor spaces.