Direct Supply has collaborated with the real-time location system (RTLS) innovator, CenTrak®, to help develop this transformational product. In this hour-long webinar, you’ll learn how CenTrak utilizes certainty-based location to enhance the Senior Living experience and support comfortably aging in place. 

The two CenTrak presenters are Derek Blattenburger, Director of Product Management at CenTrak, and Chad Ries, Vice President of Senior Living Solutions.

​What does CenTrak do?

With a growing number of industry accolades in the last few years, CenTrak’s IoT technology is leading the way in providing senior communities actionable data to improve efficiency as well as resident and staff satisfaction.

This webinar kicks off by explaining CenTrak’s genesis for digitizing resident care from understanding every level of care within senior communities. Centrak’s team reviews what communities are buying and how they are currently automating to transform their business through improved workflows, digitization and analytics. 

You’ll learn more about RTLS and the software and products commonly used within the system and in turn, how CenTrak designs around a community and offers a bird’s-eye view.

What is a real time location system (RTLS)?

RTLS, also known as a real-time tracking system, can identify residents, staff and equipment locations in real time with the help of wearables in the case of senior care. Depending on the technology used, different RTLS solutions provide varying levels of location accuracy. It is important to understand the technology working in the background to know what you can expect from each solution. 

Starting at 7 min, you’ll discover how Centrak’s TruView RTLS life safety network offers a dependent, extremely accurate and easy-to-use button system that requires little to no maintenance once installed. The wearables and sensors were made to be comfortable for residents and staff and the system can be easily expanded as your community grows.

The technology CenTrak offers can be used in Independent Living, Assisted Living and Skilled Care Facilities alike. Based on your residents’ ADLs, such as bathroom and bedroom activities, CenTrak designs their location maps very specifically and strategically within rooms to ensure the hidden design does not bleed into hallways, for example.

What are the benefits of CenTrak’s TruView RTLS solution?

Speed of caregiving first comes to mind when utilizing a RTLS as explained here in the webinar.

Through better location accuracy, combined with passive alert and monitoring capabilities, TruView enables improved response times and staff efficiency. When utilizing TruView’s dashboard and reporting tool, operators can better understand staffing demands, changes in resident care needs, and overall cost of care. Additionally, CenTrak is able to provide:

  • Consolidation of separate emergency call, wander, door security and environmental technologies
  • Enhanced contact tracing with a simple name or location search
  • Equipment and people locating
  • ADL capture of unscheduled care via mobile app
  • GeoLocation for “safe zone” monitoring based on resident needs

CenTrak’s TruView platform and how to get started

In this section of the webinar, Derek and Chad walk through the different use cases of CenTrak’s TruView system as well as the core objectives for location in senior care. By monitoring the safety and activity of residents, CenTrak hopes their RTLS will provide newfound dignity and freedom while providing communities with more predictive data.

Learn how CenTrak evaluates and maps out your community by zones and rooms before deploying their technology. Devices are easily added to resident rooms and corridors — either through power outlets or through the more common approach, battery operation. Centrak also can provide underground geofencing to help monitor outdoor activity.

Expectations and outcomes of certainty-based RTLS

In the end (as you’ll learn starting here), Centrak hopes that communities will realize a host of tangible benefits, including accurate resident assessments, a secure environment and valuable information trends. With CenTrak, staff would need only minimal training with certainty of location notifications, for instance, and because devices are simply hung around communities, there is no IT maintenance needed once installed.

Derek concludes the webinar by emphasizing how CenTrak’s technology lives up to the IoT trends of being embedded within a building, making it hidden and essentially seamless. 

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Would you like a free demo of CenTrak’s RTLS? 

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