The DS smart® platform  enables providers to collect and transfer vitals data directly into their existing electronic medical records system. The solution is adaptable and cuts down on time caregivers spend having to manually record and transfer vitals information. This leads to a more efficient caregiving process, which is particularly critical during today’s labor challenges in Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living. 

As Direct Supply consistently searches for ways to expand our EMR provider partnerships in order to offer a flexible solution for all of our customers, a new integration just made sense. DS smart recently integrated with technology company Yardi to provide caregivers with a better solution for vitals tracking. We spoke with our Connected Solutions Program Director Scott Boyce and Product Manager Nicholas Grbavac on what this integration means for Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living facilities.

Who is Yardi?

Yardi is a technology company that has a number of offerings for Senior Living. Some of those offerings include building management, solution revenue management and an electronic medical records (EMR) platform, which is one of the leading EMRs for Assisted Living. They have a number of integrations into their EMR platform that help provide more value for the customers.

Why did DS smart decide to partner with Yardi?

DS smart already partners with the biggest EMR providers in Senior Living and we wanted to be able to better serve our Assisted Living customers. On the Assisted Living side, Yardi is already one of the leading providers, so adding it to our Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living sectors was a no-brainer. 

We also polled our Assisted Living customers that we work the most with and asked, “What is the #1 EMR that you use?” The answer – and number one choice – was Yardi. We didn’t have connections with Yardi yet, so that’s why we approached them as a connected line.

Why do we integrate? 

We are always looking to integrate with more EMR systems to give more care providers access to the benefits of DS smart. This is a solution that connects clinical equipment to EMRs, so that when caregivers are collecting vital sign information (as they do multiple times per day) in a Skilled Nursing or Assisted Living building, it takes away the need to go back and forth between writing down vitals and inputting information. Think about it – instead of being able to provide aid to residents, caregivers are busy with data entry. If you’re a caregiver, and a tool like DS smart takes half of that workflow (i.e., the data entry portion) and/or removes it entirely, your time is freed up to take care of the important work of providing aid to your patients. Clinicians can go about collecting data using vital signs monitors, scales or discrete handheld devices (like an individual thermometer with Bluetooth connectivity). Once the data is read on the device, then it’s in the EMR. This information is received with:

  • An accurate timestamp
  • Reduction of transcription error rate to zero

What does this partnership mean?

Customers who use Yardi as their EMR can now also use DS smart to deliver time savings and more accurate vitals information. Taking accurate vitals takes around one minute, assuming all of the vitals are taken. The amount of time saved is an opportunity gap for correcting errors.  

10-20% of vitals that are inputted manually require some type of rework. When there are errors on permanent medical records, a caregiver needs to go into the record, redact the error and note it. Then, they would have to submit a new record. It takes on average 3 to 5 minutes for every one redaction. If those errors are 10% of all manually submitted vitals, that’s quite a bit of time, especially since Registered Nurses are the only ones who can make those medical record changes. When customers have integrations like DS smart, that drastically cuts down on time spent editing medical records to nearly 0%.

What value does the Yardi integration bring to our customers in Assisted Living?

Yardi was the #1 choice for customers who were not yet integrated with DS smart. Adding Yardi to our list of integrations means that more access is available for customers who solely use Yardi as their EMR solution. DS smart strives to ensure our customers have access to the services and products they need in order to perform their jobs well.

Which products does Yardi/DS smart connect to?

There are dozens of connectable clinical equipment that are compatible with DS smart. Devices like vital signs monitors, scales and discrete handheld devices are all available for Yardi integrations. We also work with multiple brands, which is a key differentiator from nearly all of our competitors.

If a Direct Supply customer has Yardi, how can they get started with DS smart?

Imagine if your clinicians never had to chart vitals again. That’s where DS smart comes in. We can help your RNs and CNAs manage their time and become more efficient. Contact us below and a DS smart representative will connect with you.

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