Tag: Innovation and Technology in Healthcare Procurement

Direct Supply DSSI is committed to bringing advanced technology to the forefront of healthcare procurement. We continue to develop and improve our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools. Review the blogs below to learn why AI is a crucial part of healthcare procurement, and what DSSI is doing to drive constant innovation.

Effective Management of Infections: Innovative Technology to Help You Control, Track and Prevent the Spread of Infection

In this session, we will examine the events of the 2020 pandemic and the gaps in care delivery that it exposed; exploring the lessons we learned from the past three years and identifying efficiencies that can allow your staff to become more proactive in the planning process and help you prevent, contain and manage infection outbreaks. Participants will learn how new technology can address the latest changes in regulatory language while also making their infection prevention tactics more efficient.

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Execute healthcare procurement on-the-go with DSSI™ Mobile

With the DSSI Mobile app and Mobile ordering, we are seeing you, our provider customers, placing your orders 5-6X faster than those who have yet to embrace the technology and future. That’s a lot of time back in your user’s day; time that they can use to better serve your residents and their families.

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