Senior Living and healthcare settings prepare meals for patients with a variety of needs. For some patients, especially those with dysphagia, it can be difficult to chew and swallow solid foods. The benefits of adopting IDDSI standards are twofold. IDDSI helps healthcare professionals cater to residents who need texture modified foods and thickened liquids. It also ensures that all care settings operate under the same guidelines. 

What is IDDSI?

The International Dysphagia Diet Standardization Initiative, or IDDSI, contains the framework, testing methods and implementation guidelines for healthcare professionals in all care settings. The goal of IDDSI is to eliminate confusion and errors in diet texture and to create a universal language around the world. 

Understanding Elements of the IDDSI

IDDSI framework and levels are not mandatory and serve as recommendations for the Senior Living and Healthcare market to improve diet texture or drink selections that previously lead to confusion. 

IDDSI Food Preparation

Food IDDSI Level Guidelines as of August 2021
Level 7 or RG7 Regular Food No Modifications
Level 7 or EC7 Easy to Chew No Modifications
Level 6 or SB6 Soft & Bite-Sized
Level 5 or MM5 Minced and Moist
Level 4 or PU4 Pureed
Level 3 or LQ3 Liquidized 


Incorporating IDDSI guidelines into your care setting’s food service program may help to improve your patient’s dining experiences by providing consistency in the foods served.  For patients with limited grasp, tremors, hemiplegia, and paralysis, Direct Supply offers other food service mealtime solutions.

How to Puree Food for Dysphagia

To properly prepare and puree food for dysphagia patients, having the right foodservice equipment is essential. blixers, emulsifiers and immersion blenders provide versatility and can help you create food and drinks for each IDDSI level.

How Can Direct Supply Help?

We have products to assist you with your Senior Living and healthcare meal programs. If you have questions about selecting food service equipment or eating aids, reach out to your account manager. 

Following IDDSI guidelines are only recommendations for Senior Living and Healthcare settings. Review the IDDSI site for more in-depth information.