In reference to managing a budget when finances are tight, and they are for everybody these days, it’s going to depend on the Maintenance Director’s capabilities to handle matters in-house.

They encounter them all day, every day. A lot of Maintenance Directors have come out of the trades, so it depends on their familiarity equipment and their capabilities.

A lot of these things, they can often maintain in-house. Things like preventive maintenance tasks, filter changes, coil washes, and other things of that nature.

When it comes to anything requiring a crane, a permit, or any equipment that is being replaced, that’s where TELS® Building Services can certainly help with those licensed contractor needs.

The best thing to do when you’re working within a tight budget is to partner with a company like Direct Supply® and TELS Building Services. We’re going to make sure that we do the best thing for your community.

We’ve got strong relationships with our vendors where we try to be cost competitive at every step, and if there’s an issue, we’re going to stand behind it. That’s really the best way to control your budget.

You can also track costs right in front of you on your phone or on your desktop through TELS Platform. It’s really the best way to keep track of your expenses.