Webinar: DS smart® Details & Demo

Jun 4, 2020

Gain a deeper understanding of the benefits of using EMR connected devices in a clinical care setting. The DS smart® solution can offer powerful time savings for your community through EMR connectivity. This HIPAA compliant platform is compatible with a number of connected medical solutions, including smart vital signs monitors and wheelchair scales. See for yourself how your staff can implement the DS smart solution for maximized time savings.

Where did the idea of DS smart come from?

The DS smart solution was created from the customer voice based on industry challenges facing clinical staffs. It was developed to help reduce the amount of time spent on vitals documentation and instead dedicate that time to caring for residents.

How can DS smart help manage the needs of COVID-19?

Due to COVID-19, there is even greater demand for vitals collection to monitor the health and well-being of residents, as well as real-time data to be available for physicians and effective care planning. The DS smart platform is intended to accommodate your ever-changing needs.

“This is really good technology that will save time and reduce errors. Our front-line staff really likes it and our doctors no longer need to chase down the most recent vitals from a list on paper as they can now see the vitals immediately in our EMR.”

Jeffrey F.
Chief Executive Officer

How much time savings can be expected from using DS smart?

On average, you can achieve 40% time savings by using DS smart compared to manual vitals documentation, which equates to roughly 1 minute per vital per resident. Those valuable minutes can add up quickly to allow your caregivers to focus on other important tasks. Additionally, data accuracy is ensured through EMR connectivity, eliminating human error from manual transcriptions. These boosts to efficiency and accuracy can result in improved clinical outcomes.

How long does it take to set up DS smart?

The DS smart platform is incredibly easy to implement and support. Everything can be connected and ready to use within 5 minutes, enabling staff to confidently begin securing vitals almost immediately.

​How does DS smart work?

The DS smart solution begins by connecting to Bluetooth-enabled medical equipment, such as the Attendant® Connected Vital Signs Monitor. Bluetooth connectivity helps protect the workflow and data transmission in unreliable Wi-Fi settings. DS smart is an app-based platform, so it functions through a tablet that can be mounted directly to vital signs equipment, making it available to use whenever you need it. The platform is able to communicate with PointClickCare, Netsmart and MatrixCare electronic medical records (EMRs). These integrations enable clinical data to be directly uploaded to resident’s permanent record.

What should I expect my ROI to be?

We encourage you to use our interactive calculator to get a better picture of how much time and money your staff could save based on your specific vitals routine.

Do I need to purchase new equipment to use DS smart?

The DS smart solution is compatible with an ecosystem of market-leading manufacturers of vital signs monitors and scales to ensure customers’ clinical preferences can be met. Your equipment does not need to be Direct Supply branded – for example, Welch Allyn Vital Signs MonitorsEdan Vital Signs Monitors and Detecto Scales are compatible with DS smart – and it can be pre-owned, reducing your initial investment to implement the solution. You have the option to purchase new tablets or use your own tablets, including iOS devices, to connect to the platform. If you prefer to not use tablets for your community, DS smart also can function on iPhones.
DS smart allows you to add clinical equipment as your population needs evolve.

The platform is constantly working to build out future clinical equipment integrations, including bladders scanners, glucometers and standalone thermometers, which will enable staff to better serve your residents.

​Is there an example of how the DS smart platform is used?

Watch a hands-on demonstration with step-by-step instructions of how to use the app below. More training videos are available on DSsmart.net.

​Is there a training program?

Absolutely! Current customers have reassured that training is quick and simple, and the platform itself is valuable and easy to use.

“The training module you set up for us is amazing! I use it for new hire training all the time.”

Virgil T.
Staff Development Coordinator

Direct Supply is dedicated to ensuring your success with the DS smart platform. Our Customer Success Manager can help your community with implementation, understanding utilization and supporting your team through free training. If your community is worried about change management, we have personnel to help ensure DS smart is used as intended.

DS smart takes about 2 weeks on average to implement in a building, and the first month of service is FREE to give you time without fees to allow for system setup, staff training and practice before committing to a decision.

Visit DSsmart.net today for more information.

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