Get Actionable Caregiving Data with Real-Time Location Systems

Stay ahead of caregiving with CenTrak’s IoT technology and smart wearables for next-generation resident and asset monitoring. CenTrak’s® TruView™ allows communities to combine multiple systems into one efficient and cost-effective platform.

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What is a real-time location system?

Real-time location systems (RTLS) use geolocation to passively track the location of people and assets anywhere in your building, helping with operational efficiency, contact tracing, emergency fall response and more.

CenTrak’s real-time location system improves resident safety and staff efficiency

Operational Efficiency

With improved and more accurate information, you can care for residents quicker and understand how unscheduled calls for care affect your staff.

Cost of Care

Better understand how changing resident needs impact staff’s time and overall care costs with help of contact tracing.

Complete Building Well-Being

Combine traditional systems in to a single platform for emergency response, door security, temperature monitoring and more.

How much does a real-time locating system cost?

Prices on an RTLS can vary based on deployment needs, but CenTrak’s TruView platform is the first cost-effective, passive real-time location system designed for Senior Living.

The Hamilton Leverages TruView™ for Resident Safety, Independence and Peace of Mind

See how CenTrak’s TruView™ wireless E-Call system was deployed and operational within 2 days at the Hamilton resulting in “spot-on” location accuracy within their historic steel and concrete building.

Where can I learn more about real-time location systems?

This page only briefly touches on the benefits of real time-location systems. We’ve curated some expert insights on how real-time location systems can work in communities just like yours — take a look at the blogs below. If you have more questions about an RTLS or would like to schedule a demo of CenTrak, contact our team today.

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