Low Voltage & Technology Design

Ensure your technology systems serve you well into the future with expert low voltage & technology design. With in-depth knowledge of today’s technology landscape, we deliver the best healthcare technology solution for your unique community.

years of technology experience

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Which Solution is Right for Your Project?


Free Design Assistance

Ideal for 1 – 2 technology system replacements in existing buildings where tech drawings aren’t needed

What you get:

  • All technology systems
  • Invitation to visit the Direct Supply Innovation & Technology Center and Technology Design & Demonstration Center
  • Preliminary budget estimate for systems
  • Full demonstration presentation of all recommended technology systems online or at Direct Supply’s campus

Included in procurement:

  • Coordination with other design consultants and contractors during fulfillment
  • Submittals if systems are procured through Direct Supply
  • System-specific quality assurance sign-off, on-site training, operations manuals, support contact information and more

Includes all features above, plus:

  • Tech drawings: plan view markups with symbols and legend
  • PDF of technology drawings
  • One revision to drawings
  • Site visits pre- and post-design

Low Voltage & Technology Design Lite

Perfect for 3+ technology systems in small additions, renovations or new construction projects already underway


Low Voltage & Technology Design Standard

Receive complete support on multiple systems for large additions, new construction or pre-construction work

Includes all features above, plus:

  • Project manager during design phase
  • Schematic narrative with detailed technology system
  • Scopes and industry-standard construction requirements
  • Full coordination with other design consultants
  • AutoCAD or Revit technology drawings
  • Low voltage & technology design drawings during design development
  • Construction document drawings with symbols and legend
  • Technology drawings for installation and coordination
  • 3-part written specifications using MasterFormat
  • Construction administration

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