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Stop overlooking your indirect spend: uncover hidden cost savings and start buying better with Direct Supply.®

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Healthcare’s indirect spend problem isn’t going away: why you need an indirect spend management solution

Indirect spend is reactive, fragmented, costly and hard to control. You’re likely throwing away up to 25% of your budget. Gain control and turn your indirect spend into a strategic advantage that takes your healthcare supply chain to the next level.

Save Time
Analyze 100,000 SKUs in minutes with 70%+ accuracy

Gain Control & Visibility
Control your formulary in real-time and drive down spend with visibility

Reduce Costs
Purpose-built technology for buyers and supply chain leaders

pie chart showing 40% Direct Spend, 25% Indirect Product Spend and 35% Indirect Services Spend

What is indirect spend?

Time and dollars spent on these product categories, plus, special orders, vendor back and forths, juggling multiple vendors, PO management, and inefficient purchasing processes.

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How we’ve helped health systems like yours:

Special Order Reduction
50% of a customers' spend was done through special ordering. We reduced special orders by 20%.

GPO Compliance Increase
We addressed 57% of a system's non-contracted spend, increasing GPO compliance by 12%.

Boost your bottom line with indirect spend management. Consolidate, Control, Manage and Save.

  • PO Time and Labor
  • Invoice Only Reduction Savings
  • GPO Compliance Increase
  • Indirect Product Formulary Control
  • Vendor Consolidation

Ready to start saving with Direct Supply?

Learn how to control your indirect purchasing with our product portfolio, service offerings, and technology. During your no-cost consultation, we’ll review:

  • Tailored solutions to enhance your indirect product spend strategy
  • Seamlessly incorporating Direct Supply into your indirect procurement process
  • Next steps for implementation to elevate your indirect spend strategy